Yet another step closer…

Hello, everyone out there!

Once again, I’m here to give you all an update on how the project has been going, although I think it shouldn’t be really necessary if you have been paying attention to the A Reyvateil’s Melody forum threads and the comments on the previous entries of the blog. XD

Still, now it’s time to officially announce we’ve finished editing the texts, so now the only step we’re still missing before moving on to the playtest phase is finalizing a few of the names of the Costumes used by the Reyvateils, as well as the names by a few of the characters summoned by their Song Magic, so we can subtitle the videos and modify the name graphics we still have pending. So yes, we’re pretty close to the end now, so expect to see some more updates soon.

I’ll come again to tell you all once playtesting begins, so keep an eye out on it! Once again, thank you all for your patience and support!

PD: Oh, I almost forgot about this. We’re still having one minor problem to which we haven’t been able to find a solution: the Dolby Surround version of the opening movie most likely won’t be subtitled because we haven’t found any tools that support the remuxing of .adx and .ac3 files into the .sfd video container used by the game, according to our graphics expert Soukyuu. If we can’t solve that before we have finished the tests, I’m afraid that it’ll have to stay as it is right now. However, the normal version will indeed have subtitles, like all other movies in the game that have voices or texts, so you won’t be missing out much.

16 thoughts on “Yet another step closer…

  1. Robson F.

    I just stumbled upon your project after randomly reading about exclusive PS2 titles that I didn’t play yet (as I never had the console); Air Tonelico has been on my “play before I die” list for quite some time, but the original localization issues really turned me off from enjoying it when I had the chance to taste it some years ago.

    Now I spent 30 minutes reading some of your project backlogs and it really seems that this re-localization will finally do justice to a great game that many people want to replay, and some others want to play for the first time.

    Coupled with bugfixes and the undub, this is going to become the definitive version for non-japanese collectors. Thank you all for this project!

  2. Himeko

    Hi everyone. I have never commented either on this website or the forums, however I am one of those who followed this project silently since the beginning.

    I loved the first game, so I was looking forward to playing the second game a lot. I got the game on release day, I was so excited only to be left very disappointed with the original localisation of the game. It was so unprofessional that it completely ruined my experience, I didn’t feel like playing it at all. Ever since I learned about your project, I stopped playing the game and I never finished it. I have been waiting patiently for this project to finish. I don’t think there are many people left (if at all), who did the same.

    I have been checking regularily this page for updates, and I guess I don’t even have to say how happy I was when I saw this one. So, I just wanted to let you know there are people who appreciate what you are doing and are excited for this, and thank you very much for your work! Looking forward for the results.

  3. Anonymous

    Will the patch work with both the original run and “Playstation 2 the Best” reprint?

  4. aquagon Post author

    The patch was designed to work with the US and European versions, given that the US version is the basis from which we’re working. However, it won’t work with the JP version in any of its forms, given that there are several coding differences between them and the Western-released versions that make it impossible.

  5. Anonymous

    Did not know that. Thanks

    I assume that means the patch is going to be HUGE (at least as far as patchs go) then because of the need to reintroduce the missing Japanese VA?

  6. aquagon Post author

    I guess so, since aside of the missing voiced lines, it’s also going to include the subtitled videos, which themselves account for a large part of the patch’s size.

  7. Void

    cough Please bear in mind that any discussion about the specifics of the patch is theoretical at the moment.

    Some of the same reasons that make the Japanese SLPS release incompatible with our changes are just as applicable to the European PAL release, so at this point I’d only guarantee compatibility with the original NTSC release (with the full JP voice support provided by the undub available in some form).

    I doubt a reprint would have changed the content in any way though, so I’d imagine it would be compatible.

  8. Satraul

    Just letting you guys know, you’re my heroes 😀

    This game means a lot to me (probably the best game of my childhood), and I want to play it again without the horrible flaws that I didn’t notice back then. These slow updates are pretty scary but I trust you guys. Thanks a lot for the hard work!!

    eagerly waits

  9. YamashitaRen

    Hello !
    I discovered your projected yesterday while beginning my second my second AT2 playtrough.
    Since I love this game, It’s decided, I will wait for your relocalization !
    Thank you for your work 🙂

  10. GabeZhul

    Any updates? As in, would it be possible to get at least a beta release out in this year? I might be at risk to sound entitled, but the length of this “finalizing” is getting a little ridiculous, don’t you think…?

  11. Mardi

    I was about to replay that game… and now, I’ll have to wait for your awesome re-localization project!

    Thank you for the work you’ve done so far, and I hope you’ll finish it soon 🙂

  12. Soukyuu

    @GabeZhul: The most recent delays were brought to you by me starting to work on my thesis with no free time to spend on my hobbies – which includes AT2.
    I’m not compromising my future for a game, I’m out of that age already 😛

    I made some time recently though and finished most of the edits, so now only minor graphic edits remain. I’m only the graphics editor though, so I can’t tell you anything related to alpha/beta/release. I imagine aquagon will post another blog entry when we’re ready.

    You can also take a look at the (new) ARM forums located here:

    I hear the project section is invisible to guests though.

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