Start of the Public Beta Testing

Hello, everyone!
aquagon here.

I’m sorry we’ve been so long without posting anything on the blog, but since everything we’ve been doing ever since Soukyuu posted the details about his work on the graphics was playtesting the alpha versions of the patch, there was nothing interesting to discuss just yet.

However, I’m happy to say that has ended: the alpha tests are finished, and we’ve reached the conclusion that, since there were no glitches or bugs that hindered in any way the enjoyment of the game or that made it impossible to see the entirety of its content, we’ll be now initiating a public beta test period for everyone out there who’s interested in helping us with ensuring that the patch is as high-quality as possible, as we want to make sure that there aren’t any issues that went undetected by us before we release the definitive version.

Therefore, here’s the information that all prospective beta testers should know:

The beta patch will be distributed at the retranslation subforum of the A Reyvateil’s Melody forums, which needs registering in order to access it. Additionally, all testers should report any issues they find, might they be simple typos or any sort of bugs, as they play through the game in a thread we’ll be preparing specifically for that purpose.

It must be mentioned that the patch will only work on modded PS2 consoles and on computers that have enough power to run the PCSX2 emulator, so please keep this in mind if you plan to be a tester or to play through the full patch once this last round of tests is completed. If you fulfill either of these requirements, then you should be okay: the patch will include instructions on how to apply it to the game, and if there’s any kind of problem, we’ll be glad to assist with it. You are also required to have a copy of the game. However, don’t dare to ask about where to find ISO images of the game in any of its versions, as such questions will be ignored and the posts asking them will be deleted.

Anyway, good luck to everyone who wishes to join the tests, and thanks for your interest in the project!

25 thoughts on “Start of the Public Beta Testing

  1. Necrotek

    That’s great! I’ve been waiting to replay the game as soon as this project is completed so it seems to happen quite soon 🙂

  2. xe7en

    Can’t seem to get the patch to work. Although I have the xdelta.exe in the same folder, I keep getting the error ‘xdelta3’ is not recognized… Can someone help?

  3. jumi

    Even though I probably would’ve still enjoyed the official localization, I’m sure this was worth the wait!

  4. Soukyuu

    xe7en, post about your issue on the forum, blog comments are too cumbersome for troubleshooting. You might want to include a screenshot and specify if you got the x64 or the x86 version and if your OS is 64-bit or 32-bit.

  5. ThereRnoIDs

    Just wanted to say thanks!
    I recently finished Ar no Surge & was looking up some sort of HD remake for Ar tonelico then stumbled across here! Awesome how this patch is available only after a month! Now to actually try finish the game for once because I didn’t want to pick a path 😡

  6. kyonko802

    Has anyone mentioned how AWESOME you guys are? The chunks of Engrish in this game were getting tiresome and I’m really happy to see them gone.

  7. anon9

    Sadly, I cannot help since RL can be jerk, but keep up the good work guys! Maybe I will have time for another AT2 playthrough when the final patch is released.

  8. Gianan

    Thanks a lot guys, and congratulations, being able to finish (almost) such a big project must be a great satisfaction.
    I’ll try the beta, even though I doubt I can be of help (since English is not my first language, and I haven’t played AT2 before).

    Ah btw, I noticed you moved the forum, but where is now the old site? For example I had saved this link ( ) with all the lyrics translated by the mighty aquagon, and I can’t find a similar page.

  9. aquagon Post author

    Thanks a lot for your comments, Gianan.

    About the lyrics page, it’s been moved here:
    However, I think checking them on the new forums or in the Wikia would be a better idea, given that some of the translations had some minor changes to eliminate typos and such, and the fact it doesn’t have the songs to Ciel nosurge and Ar nosurge.

  10. Soukyuu

    Hmm, it should maybe be mentioned that participating in the beta test (or at least reading the threads in the project section of the forums) is a surefire way to get spoiled. So feel free participating in the beta if you never played At2, but don’t read the feedback threads.

  11. Feymeryl

    Wow, I do keep seeing this name everywhere when it’s Ar Tonelico related. xD

    AT2 is a jewel that deserves better translation. I’m really happy there’s a re-translation going on. I had to play a modded AT2 game anyways because my copy has the issue the voices don’t always play. Very annoying.

    I’d love to help, but my work isn’t giving me much time to do so, sadly.

    Thank you in any case! I can’t wait till it’s officially done. My ps2 is still alive for the sake of AT pretty much. xD

  12. soraneko

    The link the the subforum (and several other sites) is just giving me a 404 error. Apart from here, where is the best place for info on relocalization?

    This project is very interesting to me. I’d happily call AT2 my favourite game despite issues with the localisation. In Ar Tonelico (and Nosurge) I feel the sexual aspects are often cleverly thought out and are usually integrated in a way that enhances our understanding of characters in a novel and entertaining way. The concept of diving allows for unique and deep character development. At first I was worried this project was a prudish kneejerk reaction, but that clearly isn’t the case. I can’t agree with NISA distorting and exaggerating the game.

    I own the game and a PS2, and would be interested in applying the patch if I can.
    Please drop me an email if you need some support for the project.

  13. aquagon

    @soraneko: Thanks for the interest! However, the link to the forums is working correctly, so maybe it’s just that you happened to try clicking on it while it was down for maintenance or something like that.

  14. soraneko

    I just need to register to access the subforum. Sorry, my mistake. I’ll join up soon. I’ve never really been one to interact with communities for the games I like, more of a silent fan.

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