So I don’t know French either, but…

Here’s a quick example of those internal inconsistencies we keep mentioning.

First, an excerpt from level 3 of Luca’s Cosmosphere:

Luca(0) :17:17: 
EN::I call it "Chalon de Trois"!
NEW:I name it "Chalon de Trois"!

Okay, so far so good. Then, early on the very next level:

Luca(0) :0:0: 
EN::Here you go! Shalon de Trois, my best recipe!
NEW:Here you go!
Chalon de Trois.
It's my best recipe!

Personally, “croissant” is about the extent of my French vocabulary (at least, I’m pretty sure that’s French), but they can’t both be right. And this was a fairly distinctive term, with both appearances in normal dialog (as opposed to a menu item, a graphic, etc.), and without much of a gap between uses. Please tell me we can do a better job of proofreading?

2 thoughts on “So I don’t know French either, but…

  1. kensou77

    feels like the next time they might just say “Salon de Trio” xD almost changing it entirely hahahaa….

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