Roundup of Changes

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all spending a good time now you’ve had the chance to play through a bit of the finalized patch!

And well then, we thought it would be a good idea to give you all a full breakdown of all the changes we’ve made to the game, which also includes things that aren’t strictly part of the script.

So well, let’s begin:


With the exception of a few lines that we deemed as good enough, the entirety of the game script has been retranslated from scratch using the original Japanese script as its basis, and it also underwent several editing passes in order to smooth out typos, grammar mistakes, storyline, terminology, capitalization and world setting inconsistencies, and also, to give each character a proper voice.


All the videos in the game that feature any sort of text or voice acting have been properly subtitled in order so you all can understand what happens in them. The only exception to this is the Dolby Surround audio version of the opening video, as it remained in Japanese because there are no available tools that can remux the surround (.ac3) audio with the subtitled video.

We also remade the introductory sequence that has Reisha’s Lullaby playing over it to restore the part where the game logo appears, as the localization removed that part and thus broke the synchronization the video had with the song.


All the English voices were removed due to the flag-related problems they caused in the Extra menu, due to their space being used to re-render the subtitled videos in order to improve their quality, and due to them not matching the script anymore. Instead, the Japanese voices were restored to how they were in the Japanese version, and additionally, we restored the voices for the scenes where EXEC_METAFALICA/. and METHOD_IMPLANTA/. are sung, which used special routines that the first undub version that was available didn’t manage to restore.


All graphics have been updated to fit the changed names for places and characters. Similarly, the problems that came out from several images having their alpha channels and/or CLUTs corrupted have been fixed.


We have added quite a bit of additional content to the game, all of which was found as dummied out texts and scenes that weren’t available even in the Japanese version. Here is a list of what we added, but if you wish some more details on them and see screenshots of them, please go here.

  • Addition of the Hard Mode, which involves the following:
    • All enemy stats have been increased.
    • Some enemy attack patterns have been adjusted.
    • The guard timing leniency given by the Guard+ family of Girl Power skills that some IPDs bestow has been reduced.
    • The boost given by Replekia to Song Magic has been greatly reduced.
  • A manual linebreak has been inserted in the “Obtained/Gained” texts for items and Leaf to make them nicer to read.
  • Several font characters have been modified to improve readability and reduce space usage.
  • Most skipped dialogues in multiple events have been restored. This includes the voiceovers these lines had in the case they were voiced.
  • The Hymmnos font has been reprogrammed so uppercase and lowercase letters can be displayed on the same text window, and the glyphs from its 1.1 version have also been added in.
  • The song “Emptiness” has been added to the Hymnos Concert menu accessible under Extras.
  • Infel’s diary won’t disappear anymore if the player doesn’t visit Promise Hill during Phase 4.
  • Sasha has been removed from the crowd in the introductory event to the Tower to the Heavens and her NPC form was also removed from the entrance to that same location due to causing a continuity error when she appears and talks to the party upon their return from Sol Marta after the final battle. The only line she got as an NPC was reassigned to an NPC girl.
  • A second Deathlandia map graphic has been added for Luca, as originally both Deathlandia versions used the same map graphic: the one for Cloche’s version. Similarly, both map graphics have been edited to fix punctuation issues.
  • The dummied out events for repeating lost battles in Jakuri’s Cosmosphere have been reinstated.
  • Some of the area names that appear next to the Encounter Bar have been pushed a bit to the left so they don’t leave the screen’s limits.
  • All the monster descriptions that remained only as unused text in the Japanese version have been translated and reinstated into the game’s bestiary.
  • The dummied out events (one for each route) that allow players to access Deathlandia again from Lakra in Phase 5 have been reinstated.
  • The dummied out event that allows Shun to teleport the party to the Moon Culvert entrance after Reisha has been abducted has been reinstated.
  • The missing tutorial events for the Heroine Topics, Synchronity, Evolved Song Magic and the second missing half of the Jamming tutorial have been reinstated. Similarly, the entries for them and for “Skill Levels” in the Tutorial menu have been made available again.
  • Dummied out events that show the shopkeepers berating the party if they haven’t synthesized in a long time have been added back.
  • Events where Skycat/Sasha show concern about Luca/Cloche being absent from the party (depending on route) have been added back.
  • All the dummied out conversations with Cynthia have been added back.
  • The dummied out barriers and switches that were supposed to exist in the Gyro Stabilizer and the Tower to the Heavens have been added back.
  • A mini dummied out event has been added back in Cloche’s Cosmosphere Lv. 1 in the Abyssal Darkness point. This disappears after the second event in the Tower of Life.
  • An event in which Cloche gets angry and the Song Magic tutorial is skipped has been added back. It can be activated by refusing to open the song menu three times.
  • Several prototype events that couldn’t be integrated into the game due either to storyline conflicts, design and structure clashes, or unknown requirements, have been added under an additional Prototypes section accesible under Extras.
  • An event that existed in the game in Jakuri’s Lv. 7-C Cosmosphere but was unavailable due to an oversight on part of the developers has been made available: it was moved from the inaccessible Stonehenge to the Tower of Life in that level.


We have also fixed multiple bugs that were in the game, either introduced during the localization, or that were already present in the original Japanese release. Like in the case of the additions, please go here if you wish to see screenshots and more details on them.

  • The Deathlandia maps have got their unveiling sequences restored to how they were in the JP version, as well as the new area notification appearing now.
  • All song magic and skills are now capable of dealing two types of elemental damage at once, and all incorrect elemental damage and extra effects in both skills and items have been fixed.
  • The bug that caused the “Crash…” effect to appear in the Cosmospheres during a DP event while still allowing the player to continue unless they had double the amount of DP needed has been fixed.
  • The Boss Key feature has been restored in full, displaying the five illustrations it’s supposed to now.
  • The incorrect Hymn Crystal sprites for the EXEC_METAFALICA/. download flashback sequences have been changed to the one used for the proper crystal.
  • The flag problems that made impossible to unlock the voiced FMVs in the Extras menu were solved by removing the language selection option entirely from the game. This causes no problems due to the fact the English voices had already been taken out.
  • An extra fix to Raki’s Fractal Change skill: now in addition to causing one of the four Jamming types at random, it also changes Raki’s stats and attack patterns between five possible profiles. This is the way the skill originally worked in the Japanese version.
  • The bug that caused the Replekia tutorial to be interrupted if the player started with a Blue song magic and then changed to Red song magic, forcing the player to reset the game, has been corrected.
  • The bug that made it impossible to continue progressing through Cloche’s Cosmosphere if the player gets kicked out during the Lv. 4 introduction event due to insufficient DP has been corrected.
  • The display for the Sync Rate each of the three heroine pairs have has been changed to display the true Sync Rate as gotten from the Heroine Topics. The original release used a fake value that didn’t actually factor in the calculations for the Synchronity Chains.
  • The barricade event for Cloche’s Imperial has been fixed: now the barrier won’t disappear and let the player inside a version of Imperial where no events can be triggered until they have completed the Lv. 3 of the Infelsphere.
  • The event where Amarie gives a hint to the party about the Sphilial Pose in Cloche’s Route can now be triggered. In the official release, this was impossible due to the event having impossible to fulfill conditions.
  • The graphical bug that caused the encounter bar to refill itself after using the Funbun’s Crisis! item and triggering an event, yet still making it impossible to encounter monsters until the player left the area and returned or used a Curse of Geugo item has been fixed.
  • The purple portal in Dreamy Fields has been changed so it only appears after Shun activates it at the start of Phase 4.
  • The circling light effect that appears at the top left of the Infelsphere Lv. 5 map after Nostalgic Home has been cleared has been removed.
  • The status ailment blocking property that Soothing Incense was supposed to have now works properly.
  • Enemies can’t be healed through damage overflow anymore.
  • The “new destination available” jingle doesn’t play twice anymore when the “False World” location unlocks in Deathlandia.
  • The green nameplates located behind the enemy names in the battle menu now are drawn to fit the length of the names.
  • The “Effect Change” property given by the Dualithnode Crystals won’t nullify the damage of the Super Moves anymore.
  • The arrows that go from the textboxes to the character sprites now point to their speakers correctly when the sprites are lying on a bed.
  • The “x” that marks the number of dropped items in the post-battle window has been placed more to the right.

Listing of Changes to the Text:


  • Leyka -> Reika
  • Laude -> Loude
  • Jacqli -> Jakuri
  • Lanternal -> Lanthanor
  • Trulyworth -> Trulywaath
  • Tarooga -> Taruga
  • Pastalia -> Pastalie (only for Cloche’s surname)
  • Goro -> Gengoro
  • Moira -> Leila
  • Miwa -> Miu
  • Halvastasha -> Harvestasha
  • Reish Ryokuya -> Reisu Midorino
  • Smiley Girl -> Emiko
  • Spotty Tie -> Rolling Riceball
  • Naturebloom -> Moonflower
  • Naturebloom Brid -> Moonflower Brid
  • Lady Momoyo -> Lady Byakuya
  • Thorn Princess -> Princess Ibara
  • Loveydov -> Renren
  • Crylady -> Nakime
  • Sweet Incense -> Soothing Incense
  • Bandeid -> Bandaid
  • Pew -> Injection Kiss
  • Cursing Aid -> Cursing Aide
  • Goddess of War -> Valkyrja
  • Clumsy Bear -> Bungling Bear


  • Combo Magic -> Dual Songs
  • Infel Pira -> Infel Phira
  • Solfege -> Sol Fege
  • Replakia -> Replekia
  • Spheria -> Sphilia
  • Implanter -> Implanta
  • Veena -> Viena
  • Deathpedia -> Despedia
  • Al Ciel -> Ar Ciel
  • Fuero -> Homura
  • Aqua -> Mio
  • Mind Guardian -> Mind Avatar (only applied to the two bosses with this name)
  • Tune -> Note (only applied to the Hymmnos dialects)
  • I.P.D. -> IPD
  • Gaea -> Deathlandia
  • Heart of Gaea -> Heart of the Land
  • Pippen -> Pepen
  • Conductive/Conductor Wave -> Dynamic Wave
  • Standing Wave -> Static Wave
  • Sea of Nam -> Sea of Num
  • B-Neu -> B-Nnoi
  • B-Villa -> B-Vira
  • Nuclear Triangular Loop/Core Triangle Ring -> Triangular Nuclear Loop
  • Fourth-Dimensional Core Square Ring/4D Conformal Nucleus Loop -> Autostabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loop
  • Goddess Maiden -> Maiden Receiving Favor from the Goddess (the former title is still used as a shorthand variation of it)
  • Seed of Love Maiden -> Maiden Honored with the Seed of Love (the former title is still used as a shorthand variation of it)

Song Magic:

  • Icicle Blast -> Iceglow Shot
  • Snowy Flower -> Snowy Moonflower
  • No Problem -> No Problems
  • Flying Clog -> Lucky Clog Flight
  • Artsy Bomb -> Gourmet Bomb
  • Easy Fullcourse -> Simple Fullcourse
  • Smiley Girl -> Emiko
  • Lady Momoyo -> Lady Byakuya
  • Thorn Princess -> Princess Ibara
  • Crylady -> Nakime
  • Guardian Spirit -> Mind Avatar
  • Gaea -> Demon Continent
  • Reception Rumble -> Receptionist Rumble
  • Reception Lights -> Receptionist Laser
  • Meteor Shine -> Shooting Starlight
  • Hot-Head Flag -> Rival Champions
  • Sweet Incense -> Soothing Incense
  • Lanternal -> Lanthanor
  • Volcanics -> Volcanix
  • Jean Ishikawa -> Jeanne Ishikawa
  • Pippen -> Pepen
  • Leythal Knight -> Leythalknight
  • Desrandia -> Deathlandia
  • Infel Pira -> Infel Phira
  • Cureynor -> Curolin
  • Curall -> Curola
  • Cureo -> Curello
  • Eset Button -> eset Button
  • Deadly Deathlene -> Reaperette Deathlene
  • Go! Jacqli Robo -> Go! Jakuri Robo
  • Cutey ELMA -> Adorable ELMA
  • Zodom Special -> Zodoma Special
  • Bleep -> BLEEP
  • Bandeid -> Bandaid
  • Pew -> Injection Kiss
  • Cursing Aid -> Cursing Aide
  • Goddess of War -> Valkyrja
  • Clumsy Bear -> Bungling Bear
  • Lucid Slayer -> Illusionary Break
  • Chilling Song -> Hail Songstorm
  • Easy Chorus -> Effortless Recital
  • Hidden Enchant -> Veiled Temptress
  • Super Potential -> Latent Superpower
  • Soft Tune Heal -> Healing Serenade
  • Guardian Curse -> Guardian Charm
  • Those Memories -> Bygone Memories
  • Pretty Medicine -> Wonderful Medicine


  • Nikki -> Naiki
  • Nina -> Ninia
  • Luna -> Lune
  • Petunia -> Pucha
  • Cherise -> Cheine
  • Laburi -> Lapuri
  • Rabbito -> Usagi
  • Spoura -> Spura
  • Migna -> Minyo
  • Cheli -> Chel
  • Kitcat -> Cecta
  • Berry Larry -> Berilary
  • Nats -> Natsu
  • Keesha -> Kisha
  • Laloon -> Laroon
  • Luria -> Ruria
  • Lymi -> Raimi
  • Arna -> Anya
  • Zaza -> Sasa
  • Lino -> Rino
  • Tita -> Tett
  • Tandy -> Tenda
  • Miya -> Mi
  • Breezy -> Harukaze
  • Eyesee -> Aisu
  • Lisha -> Risha
  • Slanner -> Sranna
  • Plum -> Ume
  • Komanchi -> Komachi
  • Anne -> Aan
  • Miami -> Miame


  • Ticklish Fuzz -> Ticklish Fluff
  • Patience Button -> Restraint Button
  • Pippencuit -> Pepencuit
  • Universal Papyrus -> Universal Codex
  • Cat & Mouse Wheel -> Cat & Mouse Gears
  • Exquisite Screw -> Meticulous Screw
  • The First Cell -> Primal Cell
  • Flammable Chemical -> Flammability Aid
  • Softly Sexy -> Syrupy Arousal
  • Blaher -> Blech
  • Liquid Photon -> Liquefied Photon
  • H-wave Exciter Amp -> H-Wave Exciter Amp
  • Walking Gergo -> Toddling Gergo
  • Horizontal Sensor -> Gradient Sensor
  • Pippen Blower -> Pepen Bubbler
  • Bubbler Generator -> Moon Bubbler
  • Offset Gyro -> Correctional Gyro
  • H-sync -> H-Sync
  • Drum Liquid Bomb -> Liquid Bomb Drum
  • Kukri Knife -> Kukri Carver
  • PonPom Milk -> Pompom Milk
  • Giga Milk -> Gigamilk
  • PuchiPuni Egg -> Mini Puni Egg
  • Kurku Cake Bar -> Kururuku Dango Bar
  • Card of Reset -> Redo Charm
  • Just Green Tea -> Simple Tea
  • Peepsid PA -> Conque P Drops
  • Cellerian Herb -> Cellirian Herb
  • Super Gas Algol -> Algol Ultravapor
  • Diffusive Poison -> Diffuse Poison Gas
  • Gurgle Cough Drops -> Gargle Drops
  • Moe Firepowder -> Hawt Explosive
  • D4 Gunpower -> D4 Explosive
  • Organic Grathmetal -> Mercurianode
  • Exellion Herb -> Excellion Herb
  • Locuac Tea -> Lucuk Tea
  • Sprain Blocker -> Sprain Block
  • Selfish Cannon -> Willful Cannon
  • Eco Weapon -> Ecoweapon
  • Jammiin -> Jammune
  • V.S.T. -> VST
  • Ar tolineco -> Ar tolenico
  • Ar toluneco -> Al torenico
  • Pop-up Funboon! -> Funbun’s Crisis!
  • I.P.D.F. -> IPDF
  • Baked Crackercake -> Oriental Cakefry
  • Trulyworhit Soup -> Trulywaath Soup
  • Jacqli Stew -> Jakuri Stew
  • Chalonde Trois -> Chalon de Trois
  • Twinkle Grill -> Starry Ginger Bake
  • Spinner Riceball -> Turbospin Riceball
  • Tipsy Muffin -> Knockout Muffin
  • Jacqli Drink -> Jakuri Drink
  • Dreamy Lady Pickle -> Maiden Pickles
  • Jacqlian Dinner -> Jakurian Dinner
  • Liquid Beancake -> Liquid Bean Jam
  • Samurai Stick -> Samurai Bo
  • Fallen Leaf -> Sunset Wind
  • Six-way Striker -> Karmic Crusher
  • Terpsichora AAA -> Terpsichore AAA
  • Photonic Hammer -> Fotonical Hammer
  • H.F. Emitter Bow -> UHF Emitter Bow
  • Checheli -> Checherie
  • Max Speed Vernier -> Multispeed Vernier
  • Devil Smasher -> Ogre Crusher
  • Max Baked Cracker -> Grade A Cracker
  • Jambajumble Grande -> Great Jumble
  • Girls Clothes -> Girls’ Clothes
  • Down Gown -> Down Robe
  • Ninja Girl Cape -> Kunoichi Manteau
  • Harmobody Suit -> Harmo Bodysuit
  • Stripey Knee Socks -> Stripy Knee-Socks
  • Polka Dot Collar -> Polka-Dot Scarf
  • Submissive Armor -> Malesafe Guard
  • Mad Charge Harness -> Mad Charge Armor
  • Attractive Wear -> Overstyled Clothes
  • Brown Cuffs -> Mahogany Cuffs
  • Stacked Moon Ring -> Layered Moon Ring
  • Stripe Bread Undy -> Choco Bunderwear
  • Spherial Pose -> Sphilial Pose
  • Pippen Strap -> Pepen Strap
  • Warden of Mikry -> Guardian of Mikry
  • Heart of Gaea -> Heart of the Land
  • Replakia -> Replekia
  • Implanter -> Implanta
  • Veena -> Viena
  • Antique Document -> Ancient Document
  • Pira Theory 1/2/3/4/5/6 -> Fila Theory I/II/III/IV/V/VI


  • Antique Medicine -> Ancient Medicine
  • D-wave Compound -> D-Wave Compound
  • Organic Chemical -> Organic Medicine
  • Neural Medicant -> Neural Medicine
  • Natural Remedy -> Herbal Remedy
  • H-wave Compound -> H-Wave Compound
  • High Power Weapon -> Power Weapon
  • Arranged Ancients -> Applied Ancient Tech
  • Heavy Tactic Plans -> Heavy Tactics
  • Pira Theory I/II/III/IV/V/VI -> Fila Theory I/II/III/IV/V/VI
  • Humane Pet Project -> Pet Protection
  • Bomb Specs -> Bomb Spec.
  • DIY! Knitting -> Easy Hand Knitting
  • Bathing Fun -> Let’s Play in the Bath
  • Dress Up Book -> Fashion Illustrated
  • Family Projects -> Fun Family Crafts
  • Monthly Mariaje -> Monthly Menagerie
  • Rollcake -> Swiss Roll
  • Fancy Pastalian -> Deluxe Pastalian
  • No.1 Full Course -> Ultimate Full Course
  • Take-out -> Takeout
  • Sexy Drink -> Alluring Drink
  • Fancy Home Cooking -> Deluxe Home Cooking
  • D-wave Cooker -> D-Wave Cooker
  • Role Play Kit -> Transformation Goods
  • Role Play Kit 2 -> Transformation Goods 2


  • Sairy -> Thiry
  • Candelizer -> Candilizer
  • Black Guard -> Blackguard
  • Blue Wyvern -> Wyvern
  • Wyvern -> Air Wyvern
  • Jacqli Robo -> Jakuri Robo
  • Mind Guardian -> Mind Avatar
  • Zodom -> Zodoma


  • Powder Shot -> Powdering Shot
  • Rain Slasher -> Rain and Dew Sweeper
  • Leaf Slicer -> Fresh Leaves’ Fall
  • Moment’s Needle -> Instant Needle
  • Illusion Moon -> Illusory Moon
  • Funeral Rain -> Funeral Rain and Mist
  • Peaceful Tune -> Restful Recital
  • Encouraging Rhythm -> Encouraging Melody
  • Demon’s Echo -> Diabolic Echo
  • Drill Rain Arrow -> Piercing Rain Threads
  • Plasma Arrow -> Plasma Roar
  • Delusion Dance -> Delusory Dance
  • Kick Spiral -> Leg Spiral
  • Baton Kick Spin -> Baton Leg Spin
  • Svet Strike -> Schwert Strike
  • Divine Light -> Judgment Light
  • Wood Pecker Thrust -> Woodpecker Thrust
  • Flying Double Kick -> Double Flying Kick
  • Desperate Head Butt -> Risky Headbutt
  • Slice Turn -> Spinning Slicer
  • Rolling Elma -> Rolling ELMA
  • Earth Break -> Earthbreaker
  • Shackling Light -> Restraining Light
  • Emergency Summons -> Emergency Call
  • Destructive Sonicwave -> Destructive Soundwave
  • Night Carnival:Epilogue -> Night Carnival – Finale
  • Night Carnival:Prelude -> Night Carnival – Prologue
  • Curse Spin -> Curse Crafting
  • Self Destruct -> Self-Destruct
  • Whirl Winder -> Whirlwinder
  • Steep Descent -> Swoop
  • Calamity -> Cataclysm
  • Knight Thrust -> Knights’ Thrust
  • Trip&Fall -> Trip & Fall
  • Origin Melody~Epilogue~ -> Melody of Origin ~Finale~
  • Origin Melody~Prelude~ -> Melody of Origin ~Prelude~
  • Breathe of Purity -> Breath of Purification
  • Universal Destruction -> Universal Collapse
  • Victimize -> Evil Influence
  • Sword Tune -> Sword Paean
  • Strongest Heal -> Ultimate Heal
  • Boost Echo -> Boosting Echo
  • X: Side Slicer -> Annihilate – Side Slicer
  • Galaxy Nova -> Galactic Nova
  • Soul Hunt -> Soul Reap
  • Living Soul Crusher -> Soul Blast
  • The Big Wave -> Big Wave
  • Element Break -> Elemental Break


  • Singing Hills-Harmonics FRELIA- -> Singing Hill ~Harmonics FRELIA
  • Solfege -> Sol Fege
  • Replakia -> Replekia
  • Implanter -> Implanta
  • Forever Bound -> Eternally Bonded
  • Veena -> Viena
  • Heart’s Speech -> The Heart Speaks


  • Stilishy -> Stylish
  • Lady Emperor -> Heavengazing Empress
  • Venus Torial -> Venus Trial
  • Bathgirl -> Bath Girl
  • Tres Super Bien -> Super Tres Bien
  • Pretty Viola -> Pretty Viole
  • Pippenna -> Pepena
  • Dorky Girl -> Bumpkin Girl
  • FunboT -> FunbunT
  • Lady Drape -> Graceful Gown

Cosmosphere Levels:

  • Invadable Territory -> Safe Region
  • A World in a Chest -> World in a Rice Bowl
  • Cherry’s Task -> Cherry’s Mission
  • To Love in Truth -> Tried to Truly Love
  • Absolute Girlfriend -> Perfect Girlfriend
  • Lamplit Nights -> Illuminator’s Night
  • Attraction of Youth -> Youth’s Invitation
  • Loopholed Stroll -> Loophole Promenade
  • Shame, Envy, Water -> Drainage of Shame
  • Temp Battle Member -> The Combatants Enter
  • Doll and Human -> A Doll and a Human
  • Separated Rendezvous -> Date of the Separated
  • Fragment of Mind -> Fragments of Heart
  • Days of Kuroaki -> Kuroaki’s Usual Days
  • Invoice of a Memory -> Invoice of Memories
  • Devil Sold its Soul -> Devil Who Sold His Soul
  • Situation~Luca -> Environment~Luca
  • Relationship~Luca -> Relationships~Luca
  • Acceptance~Luca -> Bonds~Luca
  • Situation~Cloche -> Environment~Cloche
  • Relationship~Cloche -> Relationships~Cloche
  • Acceptance~Cloche -> Bonds~Cloche


  • Verticave -> Vertical Cave
  • Gaea -> Deathlandia
  • Lone City -> City of Solitude
  • Travel Basket -> Inn
  • Home of Nostalgia -> Nostalgic Home
  • Prison -> Prison Gate Liberation
  • Perjury -> False World
  • Moon Cloud -> Clouds Obstructing the Moon
  • Cobble Box -> Chest of Gems and Stones
  • Melancholia -> Melancholia of the Wise
  • Star Desert -> Shooting Star Desert
  • Love Flow -> Between Love and Friendship
  • Amnesty -> Judgment and Amnesty
  • Tangy Alley -> Sweet and Salty Alley
  • Tainted Sky -> Defiled Heaven
  • Sky Plains -> Celestial Plains

I hope this serves to give you all bit more of insight into the work we did for this project to reach its final stage!

19 thoughts on “Roundup of Changes

  1. Syureria

    Number of ruined localizations: -1
    Services to all mankind: +1

    Fingers crossed for the Tales of Destiny relocalization project pick-ups

  2. aquagon Post author

    There are multiple ways to do it: burning the patched ISO into a DVD and playing it through a hardmodded PS2, copying the ISO to a certain folder in the PC and playing it off via an Ethernet cross-cable using OPS2L in softmodded PS2, or emulating it with PCSX2.

  3. Sam

    Aquagon, thank you! I think the “easiest” path is the emulator. I own the actual PS2 disc but want to replay it again with the new translation.

  4. ZXNova

    So how do I patch an ISO with this?

    Is it possible to patch the main CD with this ISO? I own Ar Tonelico 2, and just wondered…

  5. SSRockMan

    Hello, I really thank you for everything! So far I enjoyed so much the story 😛

    The increased difficulty made the fights more exciting (Before that I barely used the items). I’m still in the Phase 1 so I have a long way to go(with a lot of Game Over too).

  6. (sh)it happens

    Whoa, that’s awesome. Congrats! Gonna test it soon.

    I have a doubt: will I encounter any problems if I use this patched version with a saved game from the original version?

  7. aquagon Post author

    Most of the game should run with no issues at all. However, you would encounter the following problems if you didn’t start a new game from scratch:

    • Several of the new events we added wouldn’t be visible due to triggering only at specific points, or would trigger at the wrong storyline point.

    • The tutorials we added back into the game wouldn’t be unlocked, as their unlock flags are dependent on the events we reimplemented.

    So it’s advisable to start a new game when you use the patch.

  8. kal

    So I am using the latest english patch and this guide right now I just got to Enna, and the guide said that I can pick up 2 topics in Enna which are

    L2 Medicine With Skull Sign – picked up in Spica’s Pharmacy
    L2 Too Crowded! – picked up outside the Inn in Market Row

    However I never found this talk topics at all. Is this a bug or what? The talk topic that should be able to picked up in the sundries shop is not available to me too

    1.16 Enna – Historical Town

  9. nobitakun

    My total credit for you. Fixing the fucked up west released games has my eternal gratitude.

    Thank you very much!!!

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