Progress Report

Well, just an small new this time:

Jakuri’s Cosmosphere has been completely translated!

And the other translators in the team are doing good progress with Cloche’s Cosmosphere (up to Lv. 6-R), and Luca’s Cosmosphere (up to Lv. 3), and I’ll be seeing what I’ll translate next.

5 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. aquagon Post author

    Thanks for your support! We’re also doing our best to do justice to the original script of the game, and we hope everyone enjoys it once we have finished with the project!

  2. Hellfire99X

    Glad to see the project’s still alive and well. 😉 Looking forward to the release!

  3. kensou77

    level four at this point i believe, though it is being filtered through our translators still… i think.. there’s interesting things but level 4 doesn’t seem to be as awful (off the top of my head)… it’s still fun doing this. learn a lot about the language etc.

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