Minor Flub

Well, while looking through Jakuri’s Lv. 3, I found this little thing, which looks like the ending of a love story told by Amarie:

(207) :1:1:
EN::"Good luck in a thousand years.
Good bye for now...!"
NEW:"I'll be cheering you for the next thousand years.
So... good bye for now!"

I don’t know if anyone also thinks this, but for me, the way the official localization translated this sounds pretty unnatural for a farewell.

3 thoughts on “Minor Flub

  1. fetjuel

    Nice find! (By the way, I updated your formatting a bit to keep the quoted text from running into the sidebar.)

  2. aquagon Post author

    Okay (I guess I still have some things to learn about using quoted text in here…)

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