Luca and Insecurity

I’m scanning Luca’s earlier levels for interesting tidbits now. This one’s from level 1:

So maybe it’s just me, but the JP text seems to establish Luca’s need for other people’s approval and sensitivity to what they think of her more quickly and powerfully than the US version.

Luca(0) :8:8: 
EN::We won’t get into trouble. We can do anything.
NEW:No matter what we do, we won’t get anyone mad
 at us in this world.

Note how the emphasis is on how she would feel about other people’s reactions. It’s not getting in trouble that she’s worried about, it’s doing something that would result in people being mad at her. The difference is subtle but important.

Luca(0) :14:14: 
EN::Yep! We can’t play it in the real world since
 we’re too old and people would just laugh at us.
 See, if this were the real world, it would be too
 embarrassing for adults to play tag, right?

Luca(0) :15:15: 
EN::We can run around as much as we want without
 embarrassing ourselves!
NEW:But here, we can run around all we want, and it’s
 not the least bit embarrassing since no one’s here!

Again, the emphasis is on how she would feel because of other people. It’s not playing tag that she finds embarrassing, it’s being seen playing tag.

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  1. Sirius

    Hard to comment anything when I’m trying to avoid reading for spoilers. Always happy to see more updates. Keep up the great work.

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