Just a Quickie

In celebration of completing Luca’s Cosmosphere, here’s a brief, non-spoilerish excerpt from the last level:

Goro(134) :45:45: 
EN::Haven't you heard the expression,
  "Whoever interferes with someone's love
  should be stoned to death by Funbuns"?
NEW:Like they say, anyone who messes with love's
  progression should be kicked to death by Funbuns!

Croix(3) :46:46:
EN::I... can't say that I have.
NEW:They do NOT say that.

And it really is Funbuns (オボンヌ) and not Funboons (オボンタ). Huh.

3 thoughts on “Just a Quickie

  1. Sirius

    Glad to see it’s going well, with AT III just around the corner, I’m getting psyched to play this game as it should have been.

  2. Bladewind

    I second that notion. They should hire you guys to help edit the AT III translation. Now, can we have some BBQ soda to go with the Funbuns? :p

  3. Qpax

    Same here, cant wait to see the complete of this protect T_T

    Keep going on and do your best guys^^/) cheers


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