Well, while working on Jakuri’s Lv. 6 scripts, I found this little line (it’s the answer to a question that Croix makes during a certain point):

???(132) :2:2:
EN::It’s the Silver Horn that can rule
the entire world by using all the magic 
power it can absorb.
NEW:The Silver Horn. It's the source of
Symphonic Power for the world, and
as such, it also holds the power to
control the world itself.

To me this doesn’t seem to convey the same meaning at all (especially after knowing what was the Horn’s purpose in the story of the first Ar tonelico and how it’s related to Jakuri). And on another note, I have noticed that the term “Symphonic Power”, which was so important and used extensively in Ar tonelico 1’s localization (as the equivalent for “Song Magic Power” or “magical power”) is completely absent from the localization for Ar tonelico II.

One thought on “Huh?

  1. Sirius

    Woot! Update! Glad to know you guys are being consistent with the terms used in the first game… and sad to see NISA didn’t, even though its their terms to begin with.

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