Happy New Year! + IPD Names Poll

Hello everyone, I hope you had some nice holidays and this new year has found you all well!

The topic for today’s post is a little something that has been causing some minor problems among the retranslation team, which is why we wanted to ask you all. As you’re the people who will be using our patch in the end, and this concerns you all directly, we decided to make a little poll due to the following:

We have considered changing the names for several of the 100 IPDs in order to make them more accurate (and make them sound like proper names in some cases) and to correct the problem that some of the Hymmnos texts that were supposed to display their names in Hymmnos font didn’t match them, but instead matched the name of another IPD.

However, one of the points that was made by a member of the team against doing this was that these changes would cause confusion and gameplay problems to the players due to the different names making it hard to find the IPDs that are more useful during combat as well as complicating unnecessarily the Dive Therapy sessions needed to cure them due to making it harder to find in the guides the IPDs that have these skills as well as the choices needed to cure them flawlessly.

However, other members argued that the players could also refer to the IPDs by their catalog numbers, and additionally, given all the changes we’ve made in our relocalization in order to improve the quality of the translation (Talk Topic names, item names, location names, Therapy texts and Therapy choices wording), most likely the guides won’t be applicable in most cases anymore.

Given the previous arguments, it won’t be possible for just us to come to a consensus on this matter, so here I leave the poll for you all to help us decide which road we should take here, so make sure to vote for the option you find the best! Thanks for reading this, and we greatly appreciate your help and support!

[cardoza_wp_poll id=2]

PD: The first round of playtests is almost done, and so far, we’ve found and corrected pretty much all of the typos and grammar mistakes that escaped our editing process. However, we have also encountered a rather annoying bug we’re doing our best to fix.

Update 10/02/2014:  And the poll has been closed. Thank you for all your opinions and votes!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! + IPD Names Poll

  1. mibuchiha

    I’m surprised to be the first to vote. Happy new year everyone.

    As a fan, my vote goes to (somewhat obviously) change the IPD names and keep all relevant changes. Guides will have to be updated.

    The whole project was started, to begin with, to correct all that went wrong. The random IPD name changes is one among the many wrong things about NISA’s relocalization. While the concern about the guides is somewhat understandable, I still find it a bit silly; the simple fact that I am here should be enough to show that I want this game, the game that means a lot to me, in its purest form.

    The guides are merely small inconveniences compared to this.

  2. NorseFTX

    I honestly don’t mind–I’d go with whatever choice would be easiest for you to incorporate. =P
    mibuchiha’s reasoning is sound, though. (Plus, curing IPDs isn’t particularly hard, and once you go through it once, you shouldn’t have too many problems the second time if you were paying attention. As a result, being unable to correspond them to a guide shouldn’t be that bad)

  3. yubz

    Guides are still generally applicable whether or not you change the names. It shouldn’t be too hard for someone reliant on guides to figure out what means what between the translation and the guide considering the linearity of the game. For IPD’s, I agree that the catalog number should be enough for someone doing a search on an IPD guide.

    I’d rather that nothing is reverted or changed too heavily this late in the process, since changing the name of locations and items this late into the process might leave inconsistencies just as in the original translation.

    In the first place, I don’t think the guides should take priority over fixing localization errors and delivering a better overall experience to the player.

  4. Necrotek

    I think it’s better to change names if it makes the retranslation better, just keep a list of changes in the corresponding file. It’s unreasonable to keep using old names just because of guides.

    And good luck with the project, I’m looking forward to it. And, Happy New Year, though it’s a little bit late now 🙂

  5. BatRastard

    You already have my vote on this matter – caveats and all. Then again, I’m a shameless path of least resistance whore, too. 😉 Another possibility is to leave the IPD names alone and initially release the patch as an Open Beta Test while stating that the “Official Release” version will contain the changed IPD names as well as address any bugs or issues that typically pour in from the Open Beta. The various PS2 homebrew projects had no choice but to adopt this method since those projects only have 1 or 2 active developers anymore.

  6. 236v5

    well this really confusing case, i think better not following the guide.

    And after this project finish aquagon could i request something. Could you share the scrips of AT2 translation in text file or pdf file.
    the truth is i want ask you to translate AT light novel, but asking a person this thing is very very rude right. so for the replacement i think read the script from the original game could cure my/our curiosity from light novel.

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