Frelia’s Binary Field is spotty

Hello! The atmosphere of this project is getting pretty exciting again, with not much left to do and some very talented new contributors. Myself, I’m working on Frelia’s Binary Field, the last major chunk of story to be retranslated. I don’t know quite why, but the quality in these particular files is all over the board. Some of it is totally fine, even sometimes mildly inspired, idiomatic English. Other times the translation hardly makes sense, let alone accurately captures the original meaning. Here are some examples. Of course, some mild to severe spoilers are scattered throughout.

Something missing here:

Kuroaki(202) :49:49:
EN::If you complete the missions.
NEW:If I complete this mission, we’ll be free…

Actually not a man, and there’s no mention of a costume:

Fururu(203) :17:17:
EN::I was chased around by a big weird man in an animal costume this morning.
NEW:I got chased around by a huge stuffed animal all morning!

Awkward and kinda meaningless:

Reisha(18) :19:19:
EN::Our working hours’re not very clear, so that’s fine.
NEW:Anyway, our working hours are not strictly set, so it’s no big deal.

Fururu(203) :20:20:
EN::Yes It’s unethical to keep people by hours.
NEW:That’s right! It’s bad to restrict people’s time.

“In a second” means “right now”.

Fururu(203) :1:1:
EN::Uh-huh. I’ll find it in a second
with my reasoning skills.
NEW:Yeah, I’m totally ready! With my detective skills, we’ll find it in no time!

This really does not sound like someone who has been searching for a suitcase with you for four days!

Fururu(203) :0:0:
EN::By the way, it’s hard to find the suitcase.
NEW:Anyway, it seems like we can’t find this suitcase anywhere!

Pretty drastic meaning shift:

Fururu(203) :10:10:

EN::It’s not like a murder case anyway. It’s so boring.
NEW:And like, it’s weird that in a year of working we haven’t had a single murder case.

7 thoughts on “Frelia’s Binary Field is spotty

  1. void


    One of my favourites I’ve found while editing may be from Jakuri’s cosmosphere:

    (207) :4:4:
    EN::Next, I will explain how to look conservative and domesticated.
    NEW:So next, I’ll give an approach to the ways of economizing and house-holding.

  2. Hellfire99X

    Wow… the only thing I remember from Frelia’s Binary Field on my first playthrough is that it was so poorly written, I didn’t even bother doing it again on my second playthrough.

    I’m diggin’ the new lines — so much more meaning now that they make sense!

  3. Sirius

    New update came so soon I was caught off guard! Its amazing how they translated some of these lines. I assume Google Translate was used… a lot.

  4. Soukyuu

    Makes me wonder how the hell people can expect (and get) money for this quality.
    I guess that’s just how the world works, no?

  5. Wild Goose

    Well, I happened to stumble across here by accident…

    I appreciate the work you guys have done; I’ve been playing Ar Tonelico 2 and can’t help but feel that the official translations are a little off, so it’s good to see that you guys are working hard on this.

    If ever you need a beta tester, I’d be perfectly willing to volunteer – one of my more recent projects for my day job was beta testing new software modules for our HR team…

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