Final Patch Released!

Hi, everyone,
I hope you had some Merry Christmas!

I apologize about the fact this project has taken so long, as no doubt several of you must have already lost your patience and interest on it as you were waiting, but despite that, I’m glad to announce today that the time has come. Yes, as you just read, the final release for this patch is finally here! You can get the patch for your respective version of the game over at the download page.

This patch is the culmination of all the efforts we have made during these last few years, and aside of containing everything that was covered in Betas 4 and 5, it also contains a few extra fixes and script corrections.

As for applying it, please keep in mind that you will need the .iso of the game to be able to use this patch.
While we don’t really care about how you obtain your copy, we ask you to refrain from asking for, or providing, any links to sources on the blog or on the forums.

Note: All save files from the US, undub and previous betas will work with no issues at all, except for the possibility of having the flags to some of the events we restored, missing. However, saves from the EU version are not compatible because your EU game will get patched to the US version as part of the patching process.

Warning: From the extensive testing we have conducted with the patches, all methods for playing the game, such as burned discs with a modchip, internal HDD and SMB through OPS2L, and PCSX2 should all work with no issues at all. However, we advise against playing through an USB loader due to bandwidth issues that lead to videos or game hanging.

Additionally, if you run into any issues or have any comments you want to make about the final patches, feel free to do so over at this forum.

And well then, I just want to say… It’s been a pleasure to work with everyone on this team. Despite having so many members come and go, it was a nice experience being able to work on a game I loved so much and get its script improved to the level we have now, not to mention delving into the technical parts of it and figuring out the minor bugfixes I did myself in addition to translating, as well as seeing RyleFury correct the most problematic bugs. Therefore, I want to express my thanks to everyone who was involved with this project in some capacity at one point: Ayulsa, fetjuel, Kari, TerraBreaker, Morganite, Cless, kWhazit, void, Soukyuu, RyleFury and finally, Zak Blayde, thanks for putting all the efforts you did in your own personal way to make this project a success.

24 thoughts on “Final Patch Released!

  1. Hyper

    Wow. Thank you! I only start playing Ar Tonelico 1 a couple years earlier and learned about this project so I decided to wait before playing at2. The wait ended up much longer than expected, but it’s all good! Thank you all in the team for this!

  2. Sarang

    You guys are awesome!!!! I just want to thank you guys for the time and hard work you’ve spent on this project. You guys seriously rock

  3. Derek Semerad

    You are delightful people, and more dedicated than I will ever understand.

    Thank you so kindly. :3

  4. Nyanonymous

    That feel when I just recently played ArT 1 and when searching for #2, this project comes up with people just now releasing an enormous patch that makes everything even that much better, YEARS after the game’s release. Lucky I am.

  5. Karanux

    Holy fuck! Thanks to all of you! : D
    I am gonna totally replay metafallica now!
    I really want to thank you guys, I love Ar Tonelico and is one my inspirations (I am a writer) but is almost nonexistant in the minds of people here, no one know Ar Tonelico. Is thanks to people like you that at least in an small lvl, Ar Tonelico is still alive <3

  6. CrimsonDX

    I am so glad to see this project finally complete. I can’t tell you how disappointed I had been with the official release, particularly since the first Ar Tonelico remains one of my favorite PS2 games. I never did finish Luca’s route, so I may have to make that my first playthrough.

    Thank you for all of your hard work.

  7. Thatman

    Your hard work is really appreciated. I would have never got into this series if it wasn’t for your dedication. Seriously, thank you for your hard work.

  8. karakol09

    Thank you very much. Really, even a thank you can’t be enough. Bless you guys a happy new year and thank you again for giving everyone a chance to enjoy the great Metafalica again.

  9. Miliardo

    Thank you! I’ve been following this since the beginning, checking the website a few times a month. Really glad to see it completed!

  10. Outlander

    Unhandled exception has occured . Tried everything imaginable for two days now, and I’m usually pretty good at this type of thing. Sorry, giving up.

  11. Kurama Su

    You… you guys fucking did it. You finished it.
    You have no idea how happy this makes me. A toast to you guys, and I hope you can, at some point, work on another great gem like this one.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  12. anon

    “While we don’t really care about how you obtain your copy, we ask you to refrain from asking for, or providing, any links to sources on the blog or on the forums.”

    Why? It’s considered abandonware at this point. It’s not like Gust or NISA can make any money off this game anymore, they refused to release it digitally. The only way to buy this game now is overpriced physical copies from scalpers, and Gust or NISA isn’t making a penny on that.

  13. Zarlan

    It’s only abandonware, if the owners of the copyright no longer care about enforcing their copyright …which I seriously doubt is the case here.

    There are many cases of works that have long ceased to be financially relevant to the copyright holders (in many cases they possibly could remain relevant if they wanted to, through digital releases and/or print-on-demand or whatever other applicable method, but they choose not to …such as is the case here), where they nevertheless still crack down on any piracy of said works.
    Thus those works are not abandonware, as they are not “abandoned” (in the sense of enforcing the copyright, which is the sense that is relevant here).

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