Error Potpourri

When you can’t immediately tell what a line means, please don’t guess.

Cloche(1) :5:5:
EN::Hehehe! No confidence...huh?
Well, I don't want you to lie to me.
NEW:Heh, you have no confidence?
All right, then I'll withdraw my baseless allegation.

Also, I’m starting to resent how any use of rude speech registers in the original text is represented in the English localization by random insertion of the phrase “You fools!”

Update: Embarrassingly enough, I was wrong here. Please see the comments.

3 thoughts on “Error Potpourri

  1. fetjuel Post author

    An anonymous commenter claims that my translation isn’t correct either, but has told me it’s all right not to approve his comment, because of some strange formatting that WordPress applied to it. (Please feel free to post your opinion again without the bits that WordPress mangles, Anonymous!)

    Anyway, his claim is that my translation isn’t correct either. It’s true that mine doesn’t have the same literal meaning as the original line, but that’s because if it did it would be pretty unnatural: “Heh, you have no confidence? I’ll withdraw that baseless confidence.”

    What Cloche’s getting at is this: She assumed that Croix had confidence, but he has contradicted her assumption. So she’s withdrawing the hypothetical confidence that she baselessly assigned to him. So, I took the conciliatory tone of her line and added the ironic reference to her “accusation” of him being confident.

  2. anonymous

    Err, 願い下げ has two meanings, withdrawal and refusal. Cloche’s not talking about withdrawing the baseless confidence she assigned to Croix, she’s saying that she would refuse to entrust herself to Croix’s baseless confidence if that were what it really was.

    [irc_nickname_redacted] also it does not seem as if he’s ever heard of the string kocchi kara negaisage before, which has a connotation of… well. example, “I’m not gonna hold back!” “I wouldn’t want you to in the first place!”
    [irc_nickname_redacted] It has the connotation of strong refusal, as in it would have never come to mind to ask for or take up such an offer

  3. fetjuel

    Hey, I double-checked with my wife and you guys are right. I took the wrong meaning of 願い下げ (indeed a phrase I hadn’t seen before and had to look up). I *thought* I was sure, but in retrospect I guess I was committing the same kind of mistake that I accused the official localizers of! I should remember the claim I made at the start of this project that I would *humbly* try to make the localization better.

    I would like to think that this would have been caught during our editing process, but I can’t be sure. So thanks very much to you guys for pointing it out.

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