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Hello, everyone! I hope this year has found you all well!

This time, I’ve come to report to you all how’s the current status of the retranslation project, given how much time we’ve left this blog inactive.

Currently, as you all know, all of the texts have been translated, and thus we’re currently in the review and editing phase. So far, we’ve done two passes on the main storyline, Cosmosphere, and Infelsphere texts, while the other texts, which go from parts of the menu texts to the NPC conversations and Talk Topics, have underwent one pass. Therefore, we still have some minor spelling and grammar mistakes in them that we have to fix, and our only active editor, void, is quite busy right now with real life issues, so that’s why it has been going so slowly. However, we’re pretty close to finishing the project, so once we have finished the second pass we’ll most likely begin with the beta-test period, and depending on how many things still need fixing at that point, we’ll see if there will be any need for additional revisions to the script. Once we’re sure that everything is as good as we can make it, we’ll make the patch and post it here so you all can enjoy the storyline as it should have been released in the first place.

That’s for the text, but for other matters, such as graphics and video, I think we have finished with it, as our graphic editor, Soukyuu, already took care of modifying the ones that had texts that required modifications due to name changes. Likewise for the videos, as they all have been subtitled so you all don’t have any problems following what happens during them. The only matter still remaining here would be subtitling the Cosmosphere outro videos due to changes in the costume names and to the fact that we changed Jakuri’s name, which will be done as soon as we have reached a consensus on which costume names will be changed and which ones will be left as they were in the official localization. However, that shouldn’t take too long to do.

Finally, on the programming and bug related-matters, I can only say that we fixed the bug that didn’t show some Hymnos glyphs in a few of the dialogues, the problem with the two tutorial entries I described in one of my previous posts, the text corruption in the IPD contact texts; and additionally, we fixed a issue with a wrong image being displayed in Luca’s Lv. 6 and upwards Cosmospheres in the Extra menu, both in the Event Replay and Reyvateil Catalog sections. We also restored the gradients to graphics such as the IPD contact graphics, which appeared colorless and hard to read in the official localization.

Well, that’s everything I have to report, so I’ll have to leave you all for now. As always, thank you to everyone for your support and for being so patient in awaiting for us to finish with this project. We’ll be sure to do everything we can so you’re satisfied with its final results!

23 thoughts on “Current Status Report

  1. Hyper

    Nice to hear some updates. I’ve just picked up this series not long ago so I’m still in the middle of the first game. I intended to wait for this project to finish so I can enjoy the second game fully. Hopefully I won’t have to wait for too long.

    Please keep up the good work!

  2. Marlis

    Awesome! Was holding off on re-playing At2 until this was all done, nice to see it’s coming along.

    One question, though: Will there be a patch compatible with an undubbed image, or perhaps, if that is not possible, an additional undub option to restore the original Japanese voices if we have both the JP and US versions?

    Basically I just want to end up with a re-translated, undubbed game 🙂

  3. Soukyuu

    From what I remember, we assume you have the US/EU version and patch from there.

    Since the US version has (partial) Japanese voicing, the patch would simply restore the JP voicing cut in the localization process.

    All you’ll have to do is go to the options and set the voice option to Japanese.

  4. Xerain

    So let me get this straight… I check for updates as I normally do once every other month, around two weeks ago, probably on the weekend of 3/9. No updates.

    Then about two nights ago I have a DREAM that an update has been posted. I finally give in and check. What do you know?

  5. David

    If you need another person with Japanese experience to help with the editing/proofreading, I’d be happy to…

  6. GabeZhul

    I applaud you guys and your work, I swear, but would it really be that hard to put up at least an estimated time of release at this point…? -.-

  7. Joe

    I’m looking forward to this. I’m playing through the first game and liking it so far, so it would be great to play the second one without the spelling and grammar issues.

  8. John Hammond

    Someone else posted a similar question, but it didn’t seem like a straight answer. From my understanding, there appears to be an undub available, as well as a separate patch to fix the Raki glitch ( Asmodean’s Raki glitch patch).

    My question is, will this project be compatible with both?

    By the way, your years of dedication to this is an inspiration to us all.

  9. aquagon

    So far, we’ve finished with the editing, so the only thing we still have to do before we begin playtesting is reaching a consensus on the Song Magic character and Costume names, so we can apply the corresponding changes to the graphics where they show up and subtitle the Cosmosphere outro videos. I’m still awaiting the opinions of the other team members on this, though.

    As for the compatibility with the Raki bug fix, it’ll have it included by default. As for the undub, we do have plans to make it compatible with our retranslation.

  10. Sirius

    Awesome! Thanks for the update! Nice to know it will be compatible with the undub as I mainly play these games with japanese audio and they cut a lot in NISA’s stellar original release.

  11. Gabranth

    Just found this site! Wow, what a coincidence, just started playing my old AR2, just finished phase 1. I’ll definitely wait for this before continuing my game. A question though, will save files be compatible with your release or not? 😀

  12. aquagon

    I suppose that it’s going to be compatible, as although we modified the main executable for the game due to the texts it contained, I don’t think that void could have done the tests he did if there wasn’t any compatibility.

  13. Gabranth

    Excellent! Thank you for your quick reply! You guys are awesome! 😀 Can’t wait for this patch to come out 😀

  14. void

    Yeah, existing save games are compatible. I even converted my PAL save game with all its completed data to use to help test my edits on the NTSC undub 🙂

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