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Frelia’s Binary Field, fourth installment

Hello! I am nearly done retranslating Frelia’s Binary Field. Here is a feast of specimens from my recent work on it.

The word 狙う is repeatedly translated as to try to kill, when it should be something more like to go after:

Fururu(203) :2:2:
EN::Somebody’s trying to kill me. Why am I chased after by the person in a penguin costume?
NEW:That someone is out to get me. And not just anyone, but some strange person in a penguin costume.

Is it that unbelievable that a woman might be rich, without being the daughter of a rich man?

Fururu(203) :5:5:
EN::I’m not like a wealthy man’s daughter or anything. It’s so odd someone has been trying to get me for a long time.
NEW:I’m not that rich, so it’s weird that they keep coming after me.

Here Fururu uses “he” to refer to the person chasing her, then goes on to say that that person is a woman:

Fururu(203) :7:7:
EN::Why me? There were so many other people at the cafe. He knew I wasn’t alone. Why didn’t he pick someone else?
NEW:But they could see that I had someone with me at my table. Why not choose someone who was alone?

Fururu(203) :8:8:
EN::Besides, I think the person in the penguin was a woman. I don’t think she liked me.
NEW:Plus, it was a woman in that penguin suit. So I don’t think she came after me just because she was attracted.

More use of “he” for female characters:

Misha(197) :121:121:
EN::Our boss thought about it, and he wants you to come back, even though you rejected.
NEW:So with that in mind, the Boss decided to try to get you back. Regardless of your refusal.

A new favorite for awkward phrasing:

Miwa(152) :129:129:
EN::I won’t let you go.
NEW:Hmph! You’re not getting away!

(150) :130:130:
EN::I won’t let you not to let her go.
NEW:Stop right there. You’re not getting past me.

Total meaning breakdown:

Miwa(152) :139:139:
EN::She didn’t do any help for them except stopping us from chasing Misha for a few second.
NEW:Oh, but she did succeed in buying Misha enough time to escape. Just a few seconds, though…

Kuroaki(202) :140:140:
EN::Sorry for protecting us.
NEW:…Sorry to distract you.

Miwa(152) :141:141:
EN::I didn’t protect you guys at all.
NEW:Oh, don’t worry about it.

Underwater world domination!

(No name)(130) :170:4294967295:
EN::Their power expands more and more underwater, and it is only a matter of time before they conquer the world.
NEW:The Syndicate’s underground influence expanded, until they were one step short of world conquest.

Inexplicably vulgar and inaccurate narrator:

(No name)(130) :171:4294967295:
EN::However, Kuroaki doesn’t give a shit about it.
NEW:But Kuroaki thought nothing of it. He did not disapprove in the least.

I never thought someone could mistake “dilution” for “delusion”:

Kuroaki(202) :19:19:
EN::Let’s say…you have a big ambition. It’s almost more a dilution than an ambition.
NEW:Say you have some outrageous ambition. No, it would be better to call it a delusion than an ambition.

Mid-sentence first-person to second-person shift:

Kuroaki(202) :21:21:
EN::But someone comes up to me, saying, “I’ll help you make your dream come true right now,” then what would you do?
NEW:What would you do if you saw, with your own eyes, an easy way to make it happen?

Collapsing a meaningful admonition into a snide dismissal:

Miwa(152) :24:24:
EN::Cut the crap and be realistic, Fururu.
NEW:Don’t think about idealistic solutions. This is about more than just being able to realize your dreams for the future.

Meaning reversal:

Miwa(152) :26:26:
EN::Whatever ambitions, or even delusions you have are futile.
NEW:You would gain the kind of power that might let you realize even more than that delusion.

The translation here had two possible interpretations, both wrong:

Miwa(152) :53:53:
EN::Their boss seems to like you, but definitely not me.
NEW:I guess the boss likes you, but the others don’t seem to.

Totally unnecessary intensification:

Kuroaki(202) :11:11:
EN::Wiser words were never said.
NEW:…Right. I will.

Sheesh… Misspeling of a character’s name, followed by bewilderingly inappropriate crude humor.

Misha(197) :50:50:
EN::It’s not that simple. Reiju, go!
NEW:Could it be that simple? Reisu!

Reish(151) :51:51:
EN::Yes, Lady Misha. Equipment complete!
NEW:Yes, Misha−Sama. Equipped!

Reish(151) :52:52:
EN::Bring it on, Mitsubiyotchi!
NEW:…All right, show me what you’ve got!

Miwa(152) :53:53:
EN::You’ll regret calling me that!
NEW:You asked for it!

Synthesis, Speechlessness, and Snark

Sasha’s synthesis events were pretty good overall, though there are the usual instances of awkward grammar and Cloche using painfully improper speech, like:

JP: 店のおじさんだったかしら?
EN: Was it a shopkeep guy?
NEW: Did he work at the store?


JP: というよりも、今の時点でまったくわけのわからないものになってるから…。
EN: More like, I have no idea what it is right now so...
NEW: More precisely, I have no idea what it is at this point...

My favorite part of doing synthesis with Sasha, though, is when something like this happens:

JP: 簡単に言うと、強力なD波をジェネレートするための機械です。あまりに強力すぎて、
EN: To sum it up, it's a machine that generates strong D-waves.
  It's so strong that using it in the Binary Field causes
  inconsistencies. So in a programmed virtual world, using this
NEW: Put simply, it's a machine to generate powerful D-waves.
  They're so strong that using it in the Binary Field causes
  localized discrepancies. Therefore, using this in a programmed
  virtual world would...

Everyone else: ...

JP: あ、えっとですね。D波はグラスノが放出している波っていうの知ってますよね?
EN: Oh, um. You know that D-waves are waves emitted by Grathnodes,
NEW: Ah, um. You know that D-waves are the waves Grathnode emits,

Everyone else: ...

It’s too bad Jakuri doesn’t do any synthesis here. She’d be able to make sense of what Sasha’s talking about. She certainly makes her presence known in the Cynthia events, though, where the combination of Croix and Jakuri often turns the snark up to eleven. Cynthia is usually oblivious, particularly when Jakuri is (superficially) agreeing with her arguably psychotic opinions, but is more likely just being sarcastic. Croix’s dry humor is more of the brutally honest variety, so the interplay often gets to be amusing.

JP: 多分、使用者もろとも空の彼方へ飛んでっちゃうからね。
EN: I think it'll even make the wielder go flying into the horizon.
NEW: It'd probably fly off to the horizon and take the user with it.

JP: 凄いわ……。ここまで乙女心を感じさせるものにするなんて。
EN: That's amazing... You can feel the girliness so clearly.
NEW: Amazing... Such a powerful sense of girlish feeling.


JP: バーニアのどこが乙女心なんだ?
EN: What part of the vernier is girly?
NEW: What part of the vernier has to do with girlish feelings?

JP: ……最低ね。これがわからないなんて、鈍感を通り越して罪よ。
EN: ...You suck. If you can't understand, you're beyond dull. It's
  a sin.
NEW: ...You suck. Not understanding this is a crime surpassing

JP: 悪く言わないであげて。クー君はちょっと罪深い鈍感男なだけなんだよ。
EN: Don't be too mean to him. Coo's just a sinful, dull man.
NEW: Don't be so hard on him. Coo's just a criminally dense man.

JP: ふん……。これからは少し、見る目をつけるための努力をしなさい。
EN: Hmph... You can at least make effort into knowing what to look
NEW: Hmph... Make a little more effort to have a discerning eye.

JP: 俺には一生かかってもわからないと断言できるよ。
EN: I can tell you now. Even a lifetime isn't enough for me to
NEW: I can assure you that I wouldn't understand even after a
  lifetime of trying.

See? You could argue that Jakuri actually means what she’s saying, but I think she’s just mocking the concept.

JP: ……ごちそうさま。
EN: ...Show offs.
NEW: ...Get a room, you two.

Cynthia’s behavior around Croix makes everyone uncomfortable. That comment doesn’t work unless it’s adequately clear what Jakuri is talking about. The bit of extra sarcasm also suits her better.

JP: お、恐ろしい……。ジャクリちゃん、恐ろしいよ。
EN: Y-you're fearful... Jacqli, so fearful.
NEW: F-fearsome... Jakuri, you're fearsome.

“Fearful” more correctly means “afraid” (full of fear) than “frightening” (causing fear in others). “Fearsome” is the oher way around. Jakuri is much closer to fearless than fearful.

JP: そうだよ。これで戦っているクー君…きっと超カッコイイだろうなぁ…。
EN: Yup. Coo, fighting in this outfit... I bet it'll be super
NEW: Yup. Coo, fighting with this... I bet you'll look so cool...

That comes after they’ve made a weapon. How did an outfit get mixed up in that?

JP: これはね、他人との息をピッタリ合わせるのに使う機械なのよ。
EN: This is a machine that lets you match perfectly with other
NEW: This, you see, is a machine you use to perfectly match your
  breathing with someone else.

Sometimes details go missing. There’s also a hint of a superior attitude that went missing, too.

JP: 間違われたらそいつもこれで返り討ちにすればいいのよ。
EN: Then you beat them up with this instead.
NEW: Then you just use this to take out anyone who gets the wrong idea.

JP: それだと悪役じゃなくて悪人そのものじゃないか?
EN: That's a real villain.
NEW: Wouldn't that make me outright evil instead of just seeming like
  a bad guy?

One of several exchanges that suffered.

JP: そうだなぁ、使うときは半径50000ストン以内に民家や街がない事を確認して。
EN: Hmm, make sure there's no homes or towns within a 50,000 stone
NEW: Hmm, make sure there aren't any houses or towns within a 50,000
  Ston radius when you use it.

JP: 50000ストン…って…この世界全体でも直径30000ストンも無いのよ!?
EN: 50,000 stone... But... The entire world isn't even 30,000 stone
  in diameter!
NEW: 50,000 Stons... wait... our whole world isn't even 30,000 Stons
  in diameter!

The unit of distance is normally a Ston, not a stone, but other than that, they did fine here. This is more interesting for the information it gives. A Ston is equal to 3.1 meters according to the Ar tonelico wiki, which gives the bomb a radius of nearly 100 miles and makes Metafalss under 58 miles in diameter. For comparison, the land around Ar tonelico (the Wings of Horus) during the Third Era measures roughly 140,000 Stons (270 miles) by 115,000 Stons (220 miles), most of that being a solid landmass. In other words, Sol Ciel has around 16 billion square Stons (60,000 square miles) of land, roughly the size of the state of Georgia, while Metafalss would barely amount to 700 million square Stons (2,600 square miles), around the size of Delaware, even if the entire area were solid land, which it isn’t. I’d estimate from art of the region that the actual land area is maybe one third of that, probably less, with significant portions (like the Ironplate Desert) that are uninhabitable. Now recall that the population is roughly one million…

Fun Talks with Cloche

First, in event introductions:

JP:  あ、クロア!も、もう…来るならこんな遅い時間に来なくても、もっと早く…い、いえ、
EN: Croix! You didn't have to visit this late. You should have
   come earlier...or not at all.
NEW: Oh, Croix! G-good grief... if you're going to come, you
   should come earlier, not at such a late... n-no, it's nothing.

The EN sounds like she’s still being hostile, or at least fussy over when he visits. What actually happens looks more like she starts to object on principle, then decides she doesn’t really mind after all and drops the objection.

There’s also an unused line, probably a leftover from the first game’s Level E.

JP:  このレベルは無いみたいよ。早々に立ち去りなさい。
EN: There is no level here. Now leave.
NEW: This level does not seem to exist. Leave at once.

Incidentally, Luca has one too, and hers is more interesting:

JP:  あ、クロア。今作はこのレベルは無いんだって。あはんうふんしたかったのに
EN: Apparently they don't have this level right now. Too bad
   'cause we could' know what.
NEW: Hey, Croix. I hear this level isn't in this game. It's
   too bad, I wanted to... you know.

Moving on , here are some samples from the conversations:

JP: とにかく、今後はこういうことがないように気をつけなさい!
EN: Anyway, don't let it happen again, okay?
   If the same thing happens again, I'll lecture you like
   I just did. Be ready for that.
NEW: In any case, take care that no such thing happens in the
   future! If I think of anything else, I will have words with
   you like this again, so be prepared for it.

JP: (えらいことになったなぁ……)
EN: (Oh, my...)
NEW: (This has turned into a real mess...)

This is from her very first talk topic. She needs to sound pretentious and bossy for it to have the proper impact. This says a lot about her characterization early in the game: “I just chewed you out over something that’s not really a big deal. I’ll do it again if I think of anything else, too, so you’d damn well better be ready for it.” Croix, meanwhile, starts to realize what he’s gotten himself into.

JP: 聞く耳持たない辻斬りを相手にするのと同じでしたよ。
EN: It was the same as dealing with a bandit who jumps on
   you without saying a word.
NEW: It was like dealing with an uncaring villain bent on
   testing a newly-forged sword blade on me.

Somehow, though, Croix still manages to speak his mind when it matters. He isn’t terribly happy about what happens in his first attempted Dive, especially when Cloche starts accusing him of trying to do something improper to her in her Cosmosphere, so he responds with this bit of witty metaphor. 辻斬り refers to trying out the edge on a new sword, or simply testing one’s skill, against a random passerby on the roadway. Apparently it was once a common enough problem to warrant specifically banning the practice. In short, he’s found a (relatively) polite way to say she acted like a murderous psychopath.

JP: そういえば、ぺぺんべいのことですけど……。
EN: By the way, regarding that Pippencuit...
NEW: Come to think of it, about Pepenscuits...

JP: ……なにそれ?
EN: ...What in hell is that thing?
NEW: ...What are those?

That one was both awkwardly phrased and out of character. Sad, really.

JP: 御子なのがバレた時よりも、そのフォローの方がキツかったわ。
EN: What you said was worse than Cocona's revelation.
NEW: What came after was worse than when she found out
   I was the Maiden.

Here, we have a line that has nothing to do with what Croix said (he barely speaks in the relevant scene) and absolutely nothing to do with Cocona (who isn’t even in the scene referenced). Sometimes I wonder if the translators, and any underpaid overworked proofreaders they may have had, were banned from referring to other parts of the game text.

JP: ルカって、もしかして物凄くだらしなかったりするのかしら?
EN: Doesn't Luca normally wear dirty outfits?
NEW: Would Luca happen to be an exceptionally messy person?

This has everything to do with general tidiness, and is only vaguely related to outfits.

Cloche :3:32948:
JP: ……ああ、教皇の間のあれね。
EN: ...Ah, that throne in the Pope's hall?
NEW: ...Oh, you mean the one in the throne room.

Going out of the way to mention the Pope in English is probably more confusing than helpful, even though the word is there in Japanese. 教皇の間 (which is literally “Pope’s hall” or something very similar) is a derivation of 王の間 (“King’s hall”), which is simply called a “throne room” in English. Since a throne is still a throne whether a king or a pope sits upon it, there’s no reason to call the room anything unusual.

JP: (そういうのが好きな人もいるんだが……)
EN: (I personally know someone who loves ghosts.)
NEW: (Actually, some people love that sort of thing...)

It’s funny how generalities sometimes turn into specifics for no reason.

JP: 随分早くルカと仲直りしたみたいですね。
EN: You and Luca seem to have reconciled. That was so soon.
NEW: You and Luca seem to have reconciled remarkably quickly.

JP: 仲直りも何も、ケンカというところまで行ってないもの。
EN: Well, you haven't fought, so you don't need to reconcile
   in the first place.
NEW: There was nothing to reconcile. After all, we didn't go
   as far as fighting.

The dispute was clearly between Luca and Cloche, so why would Croix need to reconcile anything?

JP: さーしゃ、随分と元気になりましたね。クローシェ様、一体何をしたんですか?
EN: Sasha, you look fine. What did you do for her, Lady Cloche?
NEW: Sasha was much more cheerful. What did you do, Lady Cloche?

Since when is Sasha in the bedroom or tent with them when they’re talking at night? That’s a bit creepy…

JP: ジャクリも同じようなコスモスフィアだけど、やっぱり、
EN: Jacqli's Cosmosphere is still somewhat similar to ours.
   I wonder if I can train to make such a world as hers?
NEW: Jakuri has a Cosmosphere much like it as well.
   Could that mean it's possible to do that sort of thing
   through practice?

Jakuri’s Cosmosphere is similar to Frelia’s Binary Field, not to Cloche and Luca’s Cosmospheres.

JP: ……けど、なんか悪人って言うよりはなんていうか。
EN: ...But anyway, she is more than just an evil girl...
NEW: ...But she's not so much a villainess as a... how should
   I put it?

JP: 言葉の悪い不良娘、って感じの方が強いわよね。
EN: Yeah, she's more an unfriendly delinquent girl.
NEW: She gives a stronger impression of being a badmouthed
   juvenile delinquent.

You can probably guess who this is talking about. Wouldn’t they be surprised if the knew about some of the things she did…

JP: けど実際問題、100人まで行くとは思いませんでしたよ。
EN: But as a matter of fact, I didn't think they would get any
   more than 100 members. I feel rather bad for those enemies
   who get attacked by more than 100 Reyvateils with their
   powerful magic.
NEW: But the fact of the matter is that I never expected it
   would go as far as a hundred members. I almost feel sorry
   for the enemies being attacked with magic from a hundred

No one says anything about going beyond one hundred.

JP: で、でも、サイズが合わなくて着れなかったのよ。
EN: But, it was too small at the chest. I had to give up...
NEW: B-but the size was all wrong and I couldn't wear it...

While it’s possible that it’s what she means, there’s no mention of her chest.

JP: べ、別に変な意味じゃなくて!ただ、えっと……。
EN: I didn't mean that! I just...
   ...We're just going to sleep and that'll be all.
   I was wondering if you would mind if I slept here with you...
NEW: N-not in any funny way! But, um...
   ...As long as you're going to bed anyway, there's no
   problem if you sleep here...

First, she’s protesting in advance that she doesn’t mean what she’s about to say in any sexual way, not taking back something she already said. Second, they’re in Cloche’s room, so it would be him sleeping here with her, not her sleeping here with him.

And finally, here’s part of the conversation voted most likely to prompt Croix to just give up and quit the Knights while he still has some dignity left:

JP: ……まさか、変な趣味があって避けられてるとかじゃないでしょうね?
EN: ...Is it because you have some kind of perversion and
   they're all avoiding you?
NEW: ...It couldn't be that you have deviant interests that
   cause you to be avoided, could it?

JP: 俺をどういう目で見てるのかは知りませんが、そういうことじゃありませんから……。
EN: I don't know what you think of me as, but that's not the case.
NEW: I'm not sure how you see me, but it's nothing like that...

JP: じゃあどうしてなの?女性嫌いとか?それとも、あのココナちゃんみたいな
EN: Then why? Are you immune to girls? Or, can you only function
   in the presence of a young girl, like Cocona?
NEW: Why, then? Perhaps you dislike women? Or perhaps you need
   her to be a little girl, like that Cocona?

JP: ……パートナーのことはさておき、まずはその勘違いのことから話しませんか?
EN: ...Before we talk about a partner, why don't we talk about
   this misunderstanding you have about me?
NEW: ...Could we set aside the question of a partner and first
   discuss your misunderstandings about me?

Poor Croix. First Cloche suggests that he has some kind of disturbing fetish that scares off potential Reyvateil partners, then she questions his sexuality and practically accuses him of being a pedophile. On the other hand, I have to wonder what it says about her that she tends to imagine a perverted explanation whenever she doesn’t understand something. Croix has no partner? He must have some weird sexual kink. Luca’s a Dive Therapist? That’s obviously just a fancy name for a whore. Croix gets kicked out when he Dives? Clearly he must have tried something inappropriate. And so on…

More of Frelia’s Binary Field

Hi folks! Frelia’s Binary Field continues to be a challenge and a fascinating source of problematic translation specimens. Spoilers ahead.

Reversal of intent:

Reisha(18) :7:7:
EN::Please don’t seriously answer. I’m just kidding.
NEW:Don’t be so cold! You’re making make me miserable…

The intransitive usage of “envy” is a pretty strong indicator that this wasn’t written or edited by a native English speaker:

Reisha(18) :12:12:
EN::You are! You guys just show off how intimate you are! Of course I envy!
NEW:You are too! Clinging together like that, showing it off to everyone! Of course I’m jealous!

Kuroaki(202) :13:13:
EN::We aren’t showing off. There is nothing you should envy over.
NEW:We’re not clinging together, we’re not showing off, and there’s nothing to be jealous about.

Blindly translating “〜そう” as “Looks —” is kinda bewildering:

Fururu(203) :72:72:
EN::Okay, let’s go to Miwa’s place.
She looks very knowledgeable.
NEW:Oh, let’s go to see Miu. She seems to know all sorts of things.

Referring to someone who is not there as “you”:

Fururu(203) :4:4:
EN::Well, we’re actually working right now. I want to talk to you for a second, Miwa.
NEW:Umm, we’re actually working right now. So, we need to talk to Miu about something.

Skycat(30) :5:5:
EN::Miwa, is it right? Ok.
NEW:Oh, Miu-chan…?

Skycat(30) :6:6:
EN::She’s already left here.
NEW:She… isn’t here.

Too much artistic license, turning a sweet Rakshek maid into a surly American eighth-grader:

Skycat(30) :11:11:
EN::Luckily, no one called the police, but we were all freaked out…She’s such a psycho.
NEW:Thankfully the police didn’t have to get involved, but really… What does she think it means to be a maid, anyway?

Weird meaning changes, and an exhibit of how the localizers apparently think that Japanese honorifics are too foreign, but “moe” is just fine:

Henta(198) :12:12:
NEW:Comfort for the heart.

Fururu(203) :13:13:
NEW:Corruption for the heart?

Henta(198) :14:14:
EN::Actually, I’d love such a maid. A peeping maid. She would be so moe!
NEW:Th- that sounds like a fine maid-san. A corrupt maid-san would be so moe!

Getting worse than spotty

I just got through the biggest file in Frelia’s Binary Field, and it contains quite a lot of dangerously meaning-altering translation problems. Of course, some mild to severe spoilers are scattered throughout.

Lost meaning:

Kuroaki(202) :26:26:
EN::(We’ve been to so many places, but because of the Syndicate, I haven’t gone out that often.)
NEW:(We used to go out together a lot, but now we don’t go very far, for fear of the Syndicate…)

Lost subject:

Fururu(203) :42:42:
EN::I really liked your old job better.
NEW:It seemed like you really liked that job.

Intentionally-altered personalities?:

Fururu(203) :64:64:
EN::It seems I was right.
NEW:So I just kind of hoped… Hehehe…

Kuroaki(202) :65:65:
NEW:…I see.

Altered personality:

Fururu(203) :70:70:
EN::Are you feeling alright? You never say nice things like that to me.
NEW:It’s not bad, it’s just… You never say that sort of thing, so I was surprised.

Absolutely reversed meaning:

Fururu(203) :87:87:
EN::Sure. Take your time.
NEW:Okay. But come back soon.

Vulgarity from a completely innocent character:

Fururu(203) :183:183:
EN::What the hell’s going on!?
NEW:Hey, wh- what’s going on!?


???(132) :89:89:
EN::Stop playing around. I could just eliminate her first, you know.
NEW:…You’d better not try anything. I’m faster than you, and I could easily end your life.

Meanings introduced from nowhere:

Miwa(152) :114:114:
EN::So, how does this story end? Do we end up killing each other, or does it depend on our choices right now?
NEW:So what happens next? Does it remain just an exciting story? Or will it become reality?

Absolutely reversed meaning that confuses characters’ pasts:

Miwa(152) :126:126:
EN::…Now that I know a defector of the Syndicate is in danger, I can’t ignore it. Okay, I accept.
NEW:…Well, someone who has nothing to do with the Syndicate is being targeted. I can’t let that stand. I accept.

Misspelled character name!?

Kuroaki(202) :142:142:
EN::You’re…really Moira!?
NEW:You’re… Miora!?


Kuroaki(202) :151:151:
EN::You gave me those tasks because you knew I wouldn’t go through with them?
NEW:You gave me the mission even though you never trusted me?

Totally inexplicable introduction of a term of address from the Ottoman Empire!?!?

Reish(151) :160:160:
EN::I’m the penguin-type maid at this cafe. Nice too meet you, effendi.
NEW:…I am on penguin duty at this cafe. Nice to meet you! Pen-pen!

“This morning” to refer to something that happened four days prior in the story continuity:

Kuroaki(202) :165:165:
EN::A penguin costume? Actually, she said she was chased around by someone in an animal costume this morning…
NEW:A stuffed animal… Oh, she mentioned that she was being followed by a stuffed animal…

Ultra-compact error:

Fururu(203) :171:171:

Frelia’s Binary Field is spotty

Hello! The atmosphere of this project is getting pretty exciting again, with not much left to do and some very talented new contributors. Myself, I’m working on Frelia’s Binary Field, the last major chunk of story to be retranslated. I don’t know quite why, but the quality in these particular files is all over the board. Some of it is totally fine, even sometimes mildly inspired, idiomatic English. Other times the translation hardly makes sense, let alone accurately captures the original meaning. Here are some examples. Of course, some mild to severe spoilers are scattered throughout.

Something missing here:

Kuroaki(202) :49:49:
EN::If you complete the missions.
NEW:If I complete this mission, we’ll be free…

Actually not a man, and there’s no mention of a costume:

Fururu(203) :17:17:
EN::I was chased around by a big weird man in an animal costume this morning.
NEW:I got chased around by a huge stuffed animal all morning!

Awkward and kinda meaningless:

Reisha(18) :19:19:
EN::Our working hours’re not very clear, so that’s fine.
NEW:Anyway, our working hours are not strictly set, so it’s no big deal.

Fururu(203) :20:20:
EN::Yes It’s unethical to keep people by hours.
NEW:That’s right! It’s bad to restrict people’s time.

“In a second” means “right now”.

Fururu(203) :1:1:
EN::Uh-huh. I’ll find it in a second
with my reasoning skills.
NEW:Yeah, I’m totally ready! With my detective skills, we’ll find it in no time!

This really does not sound like someone who has been searching for a suitcase with you for four days!

Fururu(203) :0:0:
EN::By the way, it’s hard to find the suitcase.
NEW:Anyway, it seems like we can’t find this suitcase anywhere!

Pretty drastic meaning shift:

Fururu(203) :10:10:

EN::It’s not like a murder case anyway. It’s so boring.
NEW:And like, it’s weird that in a year of working we haven’t had a single murder case.

A rather large update

Well, hello everyone!

Sorry we haven’t posted anything else during the last few months, but we were pretty busy not only retranslating, but also editing and figuring out some new things. And here I have come to tell you some news:

– We have gotten a new graphics editor, Soukyuu, who has been doing everything we were still needing when it comes to editing the graphics for names and titles.

– void has done a remarkable job as an editor, and also, he has figured out the first part of the erx files, which were one of the things that were troubling us the most.

Also, I have to announce we have reached one of our milestones: with the exception of a few files (the ones corresponding to Frelia’s Binary Field), all of the evds have been retranslated, and are halfway through the first editing pass now!!

This means that we are each day closer to finishing up the translation, and hopefully, it shouldn’t take beyond this year to complete this project.

However, I also have to announce we have run into a couple of problems. We haven’t found a way around the boundaries and coordinates for the graphics, which makes impossible to edit a few of them. Likewise, there is a graphic that needs changing, and when edited, it doesn’t reflect the changes in the game, as well as some minor problems (such as the Hymnos font being incorrectly programmed). Due to this, we are right now needing an ASM-capable hacker, so we can make the necessary changes to the game’s code to fix up these problems, so if any of you has these skills, or knows anyone who does, please send an e-mail over to my personal mail adress: d/r/a/g/o/n/0/0/8/@/h/o/t/m/a/i/l/./c/o/m (without the slashes).

Also, as a final note, I’d rather prefer that some people stopped spreading bad rumors about us, since I heard that some people stopped following the project due to us making changes such as “Luca -> Ruka”. Such changes are fake, and we haven’t changed anything that isn’t listed in the Style Guide. Likewise, if anyone says that the dialogues still feel stiff or dry, remember we are still under the editing process, so the current scripts aren’t yet the final versions.

Likewise, I’d want to thank everyone who has supported us the last two years, and I hope that we can meet your expectations once the project concludes.

Another small update

Well, we haven’t advanced as much as we would have liked during the last past few months, but anyway, here are a few news I’d like to announce:

We have a new member on the team, void, who is helping us in the editing and coding fronts. He has solved a little bug we weren’t able of figuring out before, which caused the game to crash at points that dealt with special text formats, and is currently serving as our main editor. I’ve worked with him during the last few weeks, and I must say that he has done a pretty good job editing the text for the tutorials, and the entire Phase 1.

I just hope we can continue relying on him for the days to come, and that the translation part doesn’t take much more to finish.

Also, considering the time of the year in which we are now, I can only say, in behalf of all the team: Happy Holidays!

A long-awaited update!

First than anything, sorry everyone, for not having mades any updates since so long ago.
Real life has been meddling a lot lately for all of the members of the project, so it has been hard to keep up working in it.
However, we’re still doing our best to go with it, and to show it, here is the list of work that has been done since the last post in the blog:

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Some small progress

Okay, I have just started with the translations for Phase 5 (the main storyline is almost completely translated); and while it seems to have picked up somewhat when it comes to translation and edition quality; there are also some blunders once in a while. For example:

Croix(3) :12:12:
EN::At first, I thought you were evil-minded at heart, but...
NEW:At first, I thought you were an evil person, but...

Did anyone say “innecessary redudancy”?

Jacqli(2) :22:22: 
EN::This’s so addictive. It’s the first time I’m glad to be a Reyvateil.
NEW:This feeling... it’s so irresistible. Moments like these are what make me feel glad 
to be a Reyvateil.

It doesn’t seem to me that Jakuri hasn’t been glad to be a Reyvateil before (otherwise, she wouldn’t be so proud of being one to the point of it being one of her reasons for hating the humans).