Bits, Bobs

Hello, friends. Since my last update, I’ve been tremendously busy at work, moving into my first house, sick, caring for my sick wife, entertaining my brother and parents from out of town, and catching up on video games.

But the more Ar tonelico 3 news that comes out, the more excited I get about the series, so I have been squeezing in some translation here and there. If nothing else, we should definitely complete this project before At3 comes out in English!

Here are a few odd little lines I came across in the deeper levels of Cloche’s Cosmosphere. I’m quite looking forward to finishing her Soulspace so that I can move on to Frelia’s binary field. From what I hear, that’s one of the most hastily-localized bits of the game, so it ought to be a challenging exercise.

Cloche(1) :48:48: 
EN::I didn't want to remember it... I wanted to keep forgetting it...
NEW:I didn't want to remember... I wanted to just forget about it...

Croix(3) :2:2:
EN::...You won't let me interrupt the lab, huh?
NEW:So, you're here to keep me from interrupting the experiment?

EN::She purposely cut off that memory and completely let it go...
NEW:But, unable to endure the pain, 
she isolated the memory and banished it from her own persona.

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  1. Sirius

    Glad to hear you’re still squeezing time for translating even while being so busy. Thanks for the update.

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