Beta 4 is now up!

Hello everyone,

beta 4 is up now – a big “thank you” to RyleFury who did most of the changes this time around!

The download link to the patch is at the usual thread in the forum.

Not much more to say, since aquagon already posted all the changes this update contains in the previous post.

We’re looking forward to your feedback – have fun!


8 thoughts on “Beta 4 is now up!

  1. Temia

    This is really exciting! All of the regional changes and re-enabled stuff held to light at this point could really be valuable in documenting on the Cutting Room Floor.

  2. aquagon

    It would be a good idea to do so, as while we renabled and reinstated a lot of things, we didn’t cover all the events due to some being redundant or pointless, like activation dialogues for switches that don’t physically exist in the game or that are just a few steps away from what they’re supposed to activate.

  3. Kappashiro

    I love you guys so much. Beta 4 is here means that the actual release will be here soon.

    Keep up with the good work and thanks for the all hard work guys!

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