Beta 3 released

Hi everyone!

I know our update schedule has been pretty sporadic, but it’s mostly because most work has been done behind the scenes. But it’s thanks to all that and your efforts that I’m glad to announce the release of our third public Beta version.

This Beta fixes all the issues with the text you all have found and reported so far over at the forums, but I’m also glad to announce this also contains fixes for several things: songs that had wrong elemental damage in their descriptions, items that had incorrect or incomplete information on their effects description, and finally, we’ve also restored an optional event in Jakuri’s Cosmosphere Lv. 7-C thanks to void’s efforts in deciphering how the game unlocks events and also having noticed a little oversight Gust made while designing that particular Cosmosphere level.

If you’re interested, please go ahead and download the patch. We’ll be waiting to hear from you all about it! Likewise, if you find anything that seems off in the texts or any other sort of problem, please make sure to report it!

9 thoughts on “Beta 3 released

  1. Mizu

    Nice, glad to hear another version is available. I’ll nab it sometime in the next few days to install.

  2. aquagon

    It’s one where Croix discusses with Ayatane about Jakuri “being too wild lately”.

    This event was always in the game, but the problem is that it became inaccessible due to being located in the Stonehenge for level 7-C of her Cosmosphere, and as anyone who has played the game should know, entering the Stonehenge in that level is completely impossible. In fact, you can catch a glimpse of the Stonehenge information box and the DP cost for the event immediately as you enter level 7-C, but since the initial event for the level starts right away after arriving, it ends doing nothing but an easter egg. So we just relocated it to the Tower of Life in that same level to make it accessible.

  3. Qpax

    Man I’m so hyped over this fan release. Hype is real and can’t wait to play full and clean version anytime soon. Keep up with the good work as always mates!

  4. Kyonko802

    Where am I supposed to download this? The wiki won’t work and the post on the forums seems to be gone.

  5. Kyonko802

    Never mind I got it. Just forgot to log into the forums. Shame about the wiki though :/

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