14 thoughts on “Beta 2 is out

  1. Anonymous

    Nice to hear something.
    Getting confirmation that stuff keeps happening, that you guys are still alive…
    I hope it won’t be long now, till it’s finished. (though I’m quite prepared for it not to)

  2. NG14916

    @Anonymous: Things are actually pretty active if you follow the forum. Also, as someone nearly done playtesting it, the beta is already very good with only a handful of grammar errors that need to be fixed. There’s no need to wait if you’re impatient to play the game.

  3. Shingro

    Wonderful to hear, I’ve been waiting for this to reveal the true vision of the game =)

  4. Mizu

    I’ve been playing through the original version of Ar Tonelico 2 released in english all those years ago, and just found out about this retranslation project. Considering the occasional spelling error I noted while playing through, I figured I might give this a shot too.

    Would it be better for me to continue through the original translation of the game till the end, or restart using the translated content? I’m up to about Stage 3 timeline-wise, with my characters having just recovered Luca’s heart from the corrupt island mass.

  5. Mizu

    Decided to apply the retranslation and restart, going by some comments from the forums here. Thought I should comment about it.

  6. Qpax

    Good to see you guys are still diligently working on this project.

    I can’t wait to play finalized version of this lovely game which is my favorite in the series.

    Keep up with the good work as always!

    Best Regards.

  7. Aalas

    A question, is the patch is for the japanese version of the game or the NA version? If it is for the NA version, will it also restore the Japanese voices that was cut?

  8. Soukyuu Post author

    @Aalas: it’s for the NA version, and yes, to my knowledge, it does restore all the JP voices that were cut, because it’s also applying the undub patch.

    @Mizu: whereever you’re at game progression-wise, I’d say applying the patch is worth it. The lees NISA made-up translation you see, the better.

    @everyone else: this is my personal opinion, but it’s more or less a beta in name only. There are only minor things left, and judging by the comments, those things are mostly a matter of preference in wording/editing. It’s definitely not a beta in the sense most games seem to define it lately. It’s really an “almost ready” version of the patch. There is little sense in waiting for the final release – not because it’s not coming, but because it’s not going to incorporate that many more fixes. Give it a try now, and in case there are issues (mostly unlikely), you’ll be able to continue where you left off with every new patch. So really, if you want to play the relocalization, but are waiting for the final version, just give it a try now.

  9. Ion

    @Soukyuu Thanks for the heads up. I’ll definitely give it a try when I have more time, assuming the final version isn’t out by then.

  10. Kensou77

    Nearly running on 8 years..

    Glad to see progress!!!

    Wish i didnt fall away from the project but you guys are doing great!

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