Beginning Playtest Period!

Hello, everyone! I hope things have been great the last few months for you all!

As you all can see, we’ve revamped the blog’s appearance, as well as added the logo we’ve decided to use to represent our retranslation project. It shouldn’t be news for anyone, but for those out there that don’t know, it’s called Project Metafalica, like a very certain important project that took place centuries prior to the game’s story.

And well, as the title states, we’re pretty much done with everything now. Right now, we’re working on the final touches for the patching program to then begin a closed beta-test period, after which we’ll finally release the retranslation for the enjoyment of you all. Currently we aren’t looking for volunteers, as we want first to ascertain for ourselves that there are no major problems with the game as we have it right now, but if we ever change our minds about it, this is the first place where we will be announcing it.

I know we have taken a long time to get to this point, but now, we’re right on the home stretch, so while I can’t give any release dates or anything like that, at the least I can say that the long wait should be nearing its end now.

17 thoughts on “Beginning Playtest Period!

  1. Hellfire99X

    Wow, I picked a good day to randomly check in on the progress. 😀 Congratulations, everyone! Can’t wait!

  2. Necrotek

    Nice, good job! I’m paying attention to this project for 4-5 years already and can’t wait to try it myself.

  3. animeniac

    WOW! I just found this site and I am very impressed! I am very excited to play this game again. While I love NISA and all, they really screwed up on AT2. This makes me wonder, might you guys show the same love to AT1 with a “relocalization”? And what are your throughts on how NISA handled AT3? I am very curious to know! Thanks for all your hard work guys! 😀 😀 😀

  4. aquagon Post author

    That would depend on what the rest of the team thinks. When we started this project, we also thought that AT1 could need some fixing on its menu text, particularly the terminology section, but that it didn’t need a major effort as the one we’re giving AT2.

    As for AT3, I think that it had the best localization of the trilogy, but they still committed a few mistakes, and additionally, there wouldn’t be much value on working on it because not everyone would be able to play it, given that there are no emulators for PS3 and a hypothetical retranslation would only run on the models that can be modded (Fat and early Slim models).

    So I don’t think it’s likely we’ll be embarking on other similar projects for a long time.

  5. animeniac

    Ah, good to know, thanks for replying. I got through most of AT1 and wasn’t really bothered much by the errors and whatnot so AT1 would only need to be worked on if you guys really wanted to. AT2 though is hard to get through and ignore all those “mistakes”, I know NISA had the best of intentions but someone REALLY let the QC slip on that one. AT3 I haven’t played enough of to notice anything bad, but if you say it has the best localization of the trilogy, I will take your word for it. I do have a fat model A PS3 and wouldn’t mind you guys working your magic on AT3 either, whatever you guys decide I’m sure will be just fine in the end. Thanks again! 😀

  6. Soukyuu

    I did plan on fixing the AT1 “undub” that is floating around the net.
    Pink curly subtitles? Dear God.
    I didn’t notice any major mistakes otherwise, but I don’t remember it quite well anymore.

    As for AT3, maybe someday when there are PS3 emulators, but I kind of doubt it. From what I know, AT3 had some really bad QC issues on Tilia route, where the dialogue and the portraits suddenly desynched because NISA put one line twice.

    Personally, I’d be up for it though. Editing AT3’s SFDs will be a pain though, since they’re using CRI newest tools for those and it introduced encryption to video files.

  7. xdbs

    Just wondering if I could possibly volunteer for closed beta. No need to put down a resume or anything of that nature, if possible, email me, and ask any questions regarding if I able to assist with the beta project. Followed this since day 1, that it’s been announced, and would greatly love to assist!

  8. Hazelnuts

    God lord I can’t wait to see. I haven’t even played second game after playing the first game since I heard that translation are sucks and then heard about you guys then since then I have been waiting warmly for this release.

  9. Xenos Trigger

    Very nice i cant wait for this to be finished! I know you said you didn’t need any volunteers to test but i would we willing if you need someone i know a good bit of C and C++ to find bugs and the like. Also please tell me you guys fixed the Rahki bug i hate having to cheat on that battle when i play the game.

  10. John Hammond

    Xenos Trigger, the bug fix will be implemented by default. For more details, check the post on March 14th.

  11. Soukyuu

    @Xenos: sadly, we don’t have the source code, so c/c++ knowledge is of no use. All the fixes we’ve done were done by poking around the executable and flipping some bytes as well as disassembling. So ideally, we’d need someone with asm hacking skills (as mentioned in earlier blog posts).

    The Raki fix will be in the patch as John said, we’ve got the permission to use it from asmodean.

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