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Progress Report

Well, just an small new this time:

Jakuri’s Cosmosphere has been completely translated!

And the other translators in the team are doing good progress with Cloche’s Cosmosphere (up to Lv. 6-R), and Luca’s Cosmosphere (up to Lv. 3), and I’ll be seeing what I’ll translate next.


Well, while working on Jakuri’s Lv. 6 scripts, I found this little line (it’s the answer to a question that Croix makes during a certain point):

???(132) :2:2:
EN::It’s the Silver Horn that can rule
the entire world by using all the magic 
power it can absorb.
NEW:The Silver Horn. It's the source of
Symphonic Power for the world, and
as such, it also holds the power to
control the world itself.

To me this doesn’t seem to convey the same meaning at all (especially after knowing what was the Horn’s purpose in the story of the first Ar tonelico and how it’s related to Jakuri). And on another note, I have noticed that the term “Symphonic Power”, which was so important and used extensively in Ar tonelico 1’s localization (as the equivalent for “Song Magic Power” or “magical power”) is completely absent from the localization for Ar tonelico II.

Minor Flub

Well, while looking through Jakuri’s Lv. 3, I found this little thing, which looks like the ending of a love story told by Amarie:

(207) :1:1:
EN::"Good luck in a thousand years.
Good bye for now...!"
NEW:"I'll be cheering you for the next thousand years.
So... good bye for now!"

I don’t know if anyone also thinks this, but for me, the way the official localization translated this sounds pretty unnatural for a farewell.

Current Translation Report

aquagon from the translation team here!

And I’m pleased to announce that Phase 1 (the longest of the 5 phases the game has), has been translated completely!

Still, that doesn’t mean the translation is nearing its end, given that these translated scripts need to be checked and edited, and there is still a lot of material still to be translated (cosmospheres, menu texts, synthesis conversation, among others), but we hope to progress as quickly as we can.

And about the translation,I have found something curious in the later scenes of Phase 1:

More than once, the characters call the land created by Metafalica “Gaea” in the localized version, when in the original one, they called it simply “大陸” (land or continent), and the equivalent JP term for Gaea (魔大陸, which means “Demon/Magical/Mystical Continent”) doesn’t actually appear until much, much later. For example:

Croix(3) :49:49:
EN::I’ll go up into Gaea, and see what’
s going on.
NEW:I’ll go up into the continent, and
see what’s going on.

I would call it somewhat spoilerish…