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Translation Phase finished!

Hello, everyone!

I know it has been some time since the last post, but now, I’m pleased to announce that every single bit of text in the game has been retranslated!
That is, the longest phase of the project has finally reached its end!

Now, we have to do some reviewing, consistency checks and finally, beta testing, but hopefully that shouldn’t take nearly as long as the translation itself had, so hopefully, it won’t take other year for the project to finally reach its conclusion.

A little update

Ok, just chiming in to tell everyone that we’re approaching to the end of the menu texts, as there are only three files for it remaining: the Current Objectives texts, the profile character texts from the Status screen, and the texts related to Dualithnode Crystals.

Aside of this, I also have a little new to announce: remember that I said that there were a few problems that would require ASM hacking to solve? Actually one of them got solved thanks to void and the research he recently did in the Extra menu entries. That is, now the tutorials that tell how to evolve Song Magic in battle, and how to trigger Synchronicity can now be triggered! Here’s a pic to demonstrate this:

The Lost Tutorials, now restored and visible to every player!

I’m not sure if we could classify this as a bug-fix or a restoration of dummied-out features (as they couldn’t be triggered in the JP version either), but I hope it also serves of help whenever you get to play through our version of the game~

Current Report

Hi everyone, aquagon over here.

First, I’d like to apologize for saying we’d be able to release the project by the end of the previous year, given that due to different circumstances, the progress on it slowed down after the great boost in activity it had gotten at the beginning of 2011, and because of it, we haven’t finished yet. Again, I’m very sorry, and I hope we’ll be able to finish this soon.

Anyway, on the progress report, I can say we’ve advanced quite a lot: as you all can see in the Project Status page, we recently finished off both sides of the Infelsphere, all of the Talk Topics and Synchro Topics, Frelia’s Binary Field, and we’ve done quite a lot of work in the menu texts (which are arguably the part of the games with the most number of text).

Image editing has been completed as well and video editing has advanced quite a lot, thanks to Soukyuu’s efforts and diligent work, while void has done a remarkable job at editing everything that we the translators have written, both to make the lines be more readable, and to make them fit into the visible boundaries the game gives us.

As for the texts we haven’t yet retranslated, here’s a little insight on them:

  • NPC dialogues
  • Overheard conversations
  • The objectives text that appears on the bottom of the map (the one called up by pressing Start)
  • The Current Objective texts
  • Some optional Cosmosphere scenes and texts
  • Dive Therapy texts and dialogues
  • Extra menu-related texts
  • Catalog-related etxts
  • Status screen profiles

We’re each day getting closer to the end, but that doesn’t mean we can slack off due to all the work that remains. I hope that you all will continue patiently awaiting for the project’s completion, and once again, thank you for all your support.

A rather large update

Well, hello everyone!

Sorry we haven’t posted anything else during the last few months, but we were pretty busy not only retranslating, but also editing and figuring out some new things. And here I have come to tell you some news:

– We have gotten a new graphics editor, Soukyuu, who has been doing everything we were still needing when it comes to editing the graphics for names and titles.

– void has done a remarkable job as an editor, and also, he has figured out the first part of the erx files, which were one of the things that were troubling us the most.

Also, I have to announce we have reached one of our milestones: with the exception of a few files (the ones corresponding to Frelia’s Binary Field), all of the evds have been retranslated, and are halfway through the first editing pass now!!

This means that we are each day closer to finishing up the translation, and hopefully, it shouldn’t take beyond this year to complete this project.

However, I also have to announce we have run into a couple of problems. We haven’t found a way around the boundaries and coordinates for the graphics, which makes impossible to edit a few of them. Likewise, there is a graphic that needs changing, and when edited, it doesn’t reflect the changes in the game, as well as some minor problems (such as the Hymnos font being incorrectly programmed). Due to this, we are right now needing an ASM-capable hacker, so we can make the necessary changes to the game’s code to fix up these problems, so if any of you has these skills, or knows anyone who does, please send an e-mail over to my personal mail adress: d/r/a/g/o/n/0/0/8/@/h/o/t/m/a/i/l/./c/o/m (without the slashes).

Also, as a final note, I’d rather prefer that some people stopped spreading bad rumors about us, since I heard that some people stopped following the project due to us making changes such as “Luca -> Ruka”. Such changes are fake, and we haven’t changed anything that isn’t listed in the Style Guide. Likewise, if anyone says that the dialogues still feel stiff or dry, remember we are still under the editing process, so the current scripts aren’t yet the final versions.

Likewise, I’d want to thank everyone who has supported us the last two years, and I hope that we can meet your expectations once the project concludes.

Another small update

Well, we haven’t advanced as much as we would have liked during the last past few months, but anyway, here are a few news I’d like to announce:

We have a new member on the team, void, who is helping us in the editing and coding fronts. He has solved a little bug we weren’t able of figuring out before, which caused the game to crash at points that dealt with special text formats, and is currently serving as our main editor. I’ve worked with him during the last few weeks, and I must say that he has done a pretty good job editing the text for the tutorials, and the entire Phase 1.

I just hope we can continue relying on him for the days to come, and that the translation part doesn’t take much more to finish.

Also, considering the time of the year in which we are now, I can only say, in behalf of all the team: Happy Holidays!

A long-awaited update!

First than anything, sorry everyone, for not having mades any updates since so long ago.
Real life has been meddling a lot lately for all of the members of the project, so it has been hard to keep up working in it.
However, we’re still doing our best to go with it, and to show it, here is the list of work that has been done since the last post in the blog:

Continue reading

Some small progress

Okay, I have just started with the translations for Phase 5 (the main storyline is almost completely translated); and while it seems to have picked up somewhat when it comes to translation and edition quality; there are also some blunders once in a while. For example:

Croix(3) :12:12:
EN::At first, I thought you were evil-minded at heart, but...
NEW:At first, I thought you were an evil person, but...

Did anyone say “innecessary redudancy”?

Jacqli(2) :22:22: 
EN::This’s so addictive. It’s the first time I’m glad to be a Reyvateil.
NEW:This feeling... it’s so irresistible. Moments like these are what make me feel glad 
to be a Reyvateil.

It doesn’t seem to me that Jakuri hasn’t been glad to be a Reyvateil before (otherwise, she wouldn’t be so proud of being one to the point of it being one of her reasons for hating the humans).

About guilt feelings

Well, this a little bit I found while translating a section of Phase 4:

Leglius(4) :89:89:
EN::But there’s that feeling at the bottom
of my heart that doesn’t. You know?
NEW:But even so, I still have these feelings 
of denial at the bottom of my heart... 
do you understand it?

About “Emoness”

Well,watching one friend of mine playing At2 reminded me of some of the earlier blunders I saw when I was translating Phase 1; and I decided to post one that many should recognize.

Luca(0) :115:4294967295:
EN::Well, at least I’m able to understand you now!
NEW:But now that I think so, since I sang in the
Enna Palace Ruins, I have been able to talk with you!

(31) :116:4294967295:
EN::Yeah, it’s great! I was going borderline emo 
there for a while.
NEW:Yeah! It also surprised me. It was so sudden
that I could talk and you could understand me.

Luca(0) :117:4294967295:
EN::Huh? But you don’t have long enough bangs
 to be emo...
NEW:Eh? But how you could start talking talking
so well? Before you couldn’t...

(31) :118:4294967295:
EN::I was referring to nobody being able to understand me.
NEW:That was just how you heard it. Even if you heard it
as only pupupu, I was actually talking.

Luca(0) :119:4294967295:
EN::Oh, I get it now.<LINE>
So, where did you come<LINE>
NEW:Oh it’s that so? Still, I’m a little surprised that
I can talk to you.So, Soope, where did you come

Here, I just say that adding such things to an scene that’s not supposed to be funny is simply unnecesary.

Dealing with Wave Theory

Well, this part is taken from Jakuri’s Lv. 2 Cosmosphere, as part of an optional event. However, I think this part wasn’t given the necessary care it should, given that Wave Theory (and all of its derivatives) are the basis of the Ar tonelico world. And don’t worry about spoilers, since this part doesn’t contain any.

(205) :10:10:
EN::This universe is comprised of waves.
NEW:This universe is comprised of waves.

(205) :11:11:
EN::The big bang that awakened this world was caused by a 
little atomic nucleus called the exa pieco.
NEW:The big bang that created ??this?? world was caused by 
just an atomic nucleus called the Exa Pico.

(205) :12:12:
EN::Exa pieco changes the astronomical wave motions at a rapid 
rate that you cannot measure with time.
NEW:Exa Pico changes the astronomical wave motions at such a 
rapid and violent rate that we cannot measure it with our general 
concept of time.

(205) :13:13:
EN::An unstable force of wave motion for a short amount of time, 
a distortion, is emitted on the outside...
NEW:Because of that, the strength of the wave loses its balance in 
that short period of time. That is, it emits a (distortion) to the 

(205) :14:14:
EN::Provoking a conducting wave, as you’re familiar with from 
wave science.
NEW:Deriving into a ??Dynamic Wave??, which you should know by 
now from wave science.

(205) :15:15:
EN::There are many conducting waves,
including D-waves and H-waves.
NEW:Naturally, there are several classes of Dynamic Waves, 
including D-Waves and H-Waves.

(205) :16:16:
EN::All the conducting waves will transmit through the air and 
create the universe of exa pieco.
NEW:Thus、 the Dynamic Waves will propagate through the space of 
this world、 creating the Universe of Exa Pico.

(205) :17:17:
EN::This universe is a place that is affected by exa pieco.
NEW:Therefore、 the Universe turns into an area in the world where 
Exa Pico exerts its influence.


(205) :29:29:
EN::Well, so those conducting waves will produce new standing 
NEW:Well, those Dynamic Waves will produce new Static Waves.

(205) :30:30:
EN::This is a result after the conducting waves produced by exa 
pieco have affected the Sea of Nam.
NEW:That is the result of the Dynamic Waves created by Exa Pico 
expanding their area of effect in the world, starting with a point in 
the Sea of Num.

(205) :31:31:
EN::From this, you can say that the Sea of Nam is the universe 
at this point.
NEW:As a result, that point of the Sea of Num turns into the 

(205) :32:32:
EN::Just as an established theory of the universal wave theory, an 
energy of a conducting D-wave by...
NEW:Just as the popular yet established wave theory of ??Wave 
Interference?? says, an energy known as a Dynamic D-Wave...

(205) :33:33:
EN::The ??interference of a wave?? will determine the amplitude 
and frequency of the initial space at zero.
NEW:Determines the amplitude and frequency of a point whenever 
the amplitude and frequency of the space it occupates is zero.

I know this is something difficult to understand, but NISA’s version doesn’t make any sense in many points (not to mention modifying the terminology that was already established).