Adventures in Image Editing

Kari the graphics girl here. I never dreamed that I’d be using my Photoshop skills to do something like this, but here I am.

I’m in charge of fixing up any errors the graphics have in comparison to the text. This mostly means names, since we’re changing a lot. Today’s post will show the change to the Phase 4 splash and save screens.

Here’s the original save screen and here’s the original splash screen. Both screens needed the O and R from Trulyworth changed into As. Luckily we have the word Phase there!

For the save screen, there’s a blank version of the circuit board-like pattern that’s used on other screens, so I dropped that onto a layer in Photoshop, then proceeded on erasing the two letters. Before I had this image, I did a version using the clone stamp and healing brush tools that you can check out here. Passable, but not good enough. Anyway, next was making copies of the A, editing out any stray pixels, and moving it to the right place.

Final version of the Phase 4 save screen

The splash screen was a tad harder, because the A in Phase is black instead of green, and the circuit board pattern was shifted and tinted a different color. A nudge to the hue/saturation fixed the color, and I ran the eraser through the black part of the A to make it green. Adding back some of the glow with a size 1 brush tool made it look more natural.

Final version of the Phase 4 splash screen

So that’s simple image editing. Next up is going through the status screens and doing more name edits. Hardest one will probably be Jacqli -> Jakuri…not many Ks to be found in other names!

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Image Editing

  1. fetjuel

    Excellent work!! If you need to do any more edits to screens like the phase splash and save screens, I’m pretty sure the font in there is Lucida. That’s the default font for Mac OS X interfaces, so I use it for work a lot. Here’s a comparison I threw together:

  2. Kari Post author

    …Well, damn. They are exactly the same. This makes editing the Phase 3 screen a lot easier since I can retype the letters, instead of having to play around with the Japanese version or something. Thanks for finding this!

  3. aquagon

    Your graphic skills are really excellent, Kari. And I’m glad to know that there’s a font that you can use to retype the Phase names!

  4. Hellfire99X

    Greetings from the intarwebzz! I happened to find this site while looking around for information about the poor localization of this game (imagine that! ;), and figured I’d drop a line and say: good luck with the project! I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

    Can’t think of much else to say, except that I’m one of those strange people who’d never heard of the AT series until AT2 came along here in the U.S. and I learned about it via Youtube. Great game, but oh boy would it benefit from a better script. 😉 Good luck to you all!

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