A rather large update

Well, hello everyone!

Sorry we haven’t posted anything else during the last few months, but we were pretty busy not only retranslating, but also editing and figuring out some new things. And here I have come to tell you some news:

– We have gotten a new graphics editor, Soukyuu, who has been doing everything we were still needing when it comes to editing the graphics for names and titles.

– void has done a remarkable job as an editor, and also, he has figured out the first part of the erx files, which were one of the things that were troubling us the most.

Also, I have to announce we have reached one of our milestones: with the exception of a few files (the ones corresponding to Frelia’s Binary Field), all of the evds have been retranslated, and are halfway through the first editing pass now!!

This means that we are each day closer to finishing up the translation, and hopefully, it shouldn’t take beyond this year to complete this project.

However, I also have to announce we have run into a couple of problems. We haven’t found a way around the boundaries and coordinates for the graphics, which makes impossible to edit a few of them. Likewise, there is a graphic that needs changing, and when edited, it doesn’t reflect the changes in the game, as well as some minor problems (such as the Hymnos font being incorrectly programmed). Due to this, we are right now needing an ASM-capable hacker, so we can make the necessary changes to the game’s code to fix up these problems, so if any of you has these skills, or knows anyone who does, please send an e-mail over to my personal mail adress: d/r/a/g/o/n/0/0/8/@/h/o/t/m/a/i/l/./c/o/m (without the slashes).

Also, as a final note, I’d rather prefer that some people stopped spreading bad rumors about us, since I heard that some people stopped following the project due to us making changes such as “Luca -> Ruka”. Such changes are fake, and we haven’t changed anything that isn’t listed in the Style Guide. Likewise, if anyone says that the dialogues still feel stiff or dry, remember we are still under the editing process, so the current scripts aren’t yet the final versions.

Likewise, I’d want to thank everyone who has supported us the last two years, and I hope that we can meet your expectations once the project concludes.

6 thoughts on “A rather large update

  1. ION

    Good to hear that things are still progressing smoothly. Congratulations on reaching another milestone.

    It’s sad that people would believe such rumors without checking for themselves…

  2. Sirius

    Great to hear these news, and sad to hear people actually go out of their way to hinder awesome endeavors as this.

  3. CrimsonDX

    Been following you guys for quite a while now and It thrills me to hear that it could potentially be finished this year. Keep up the good work everyone 😀

  4. Ingram

    Thanks for the update!

    I am refraining myself really hard not to re-play Ar Tonelico 2, as I miss it terribly.

    Really appreciate your work. There’s really a heck ton of translating/editing to do. The amount of story, Cosmospheres/Infelsphere/Binary field, talk topics, etc. were astonishing. AT3 is, unfortunately, pale in comparison in that regard.

    Can’t wait til the day AT fans will be able to play AT2 as it is intended!

  5. Qpax

    I still haven’t played AT3 just because I really replay the second game so bad. I’m so happy and made my entire month to hear that you guys are going to finish this project soon. As long as this projects released within this year I’m totally fine and I really appreciate your hard work. I’m always here to cheer you guys up and never stopped following you guys since you guys installed this this translation project long time ago.
    So I wish you guys good luck with solving your problems on editing graphical parts and keep up with always good work and of course do your best.
    Best Regards o/

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