A long-awaited update!

First than anything, sorry everyone, for not having mades any updates since so long ago.
Real life has been meddling a lot lately for all of the members of the project, so it has been hard to keep up working in it.
However, we’re still doing our best to go with it, and to show it, here is the list of work that has been done since the last post in the blog:

– Phase 5 and Endings translated, effectively meaning that all of the main storyline is translated.
– Shop Events for Skycat and Spica translated.
– Item and IPD names, effects, powers and descriptions translated.
– Fixed an small text-related bug in Phase 1.
– Inserted the first image edits for testing purposes.

For the last point, here are the screenshots from the tests conducted with the PCSX2 emulator (so please, ignore any graphical mishaps or artifacts in the screenshots, since they are all caused due to the emulator processing incorrectly the image files from the Gust games):

Also, one of our lead coders, Cless (better known for leading the translation projects for various “Tales of” games, particularly the PSX version of Tales of Phantasia) is currently working to put the text for the Dualstall topics and other pieces of text in a format in which it will be easier to work with, which will hopefully make retranslating them an easier task.

Finally, and for my personal thoughts on some matters, I am aware that Ar tonelico 3 will be released soon in this side of the Pacific, and it seems it has very good prospects for receiving a decent localization, so I hope that NIS America will actually do a stellar job in it, given how it serves as a conclusion to the main trilogy. And I am not sure yet of how much time it will take us to conclude the project, but hopefully, and no matter how much time it takes, we’ll give our best efforts to make it the best we can.

I hope that the next update won’t take so long to be ready!

16 thoughts on “A long-awaited update!

  1. CrimsonDX

    Yay an update! I was afraid that the project had been dumped. I am very glad that it is still going on. Can’t wait till it is done 😀

  2. fetjuel

    Huzzah! It’s heartening to see our work in action, and now that work has cooled down a bit, I should be able to dive back into Frelia’s binary field and get it done!

  3. mm

    probably a lot of people asked this, but will this translation be compatible with the undubbed game?

  4. aquagon

    Most likely yes, but we’ll have to do some testing once the translation and editing has been completed, since it seems the undub causes some unforeseen problems (ie: freezes at some scenes) when some dialogues are changed.

  5. Bladewind

    All I can say is, keep up the awesome work. Posting the screenshots is a nice touch, and I will patiently await the finished product.

    As for NIS, I hope they would learn from the mistake and does a good job for AT3. I wonder if they would release a HDD version of AT1+2 afterwards.

  6. Sa7elli7e

    I would like to throw a huge “thank you!” to the whole team behind this project. You are doing something really great for the benefit of everyone who loves this series of games, and we appreciate it! I can’t wait to drop the finished product in my PS2 xD

  7. Algester

    late reply here but at least its good to hear that it will soon be finish the long wait is OVER!! phew…

  8. SolBalmung

    Awesome guys!I’m so happy that you are still working on retranslating AT2,you have me deepest thanks.Good luck to all of you !

  9. aquagon

    And actually, another status update should be coming somewhere around this weekend, if we can work fast enough to pull it off, since two important things have happened in regards to the retranslation.

  10. Sirius

    Awesome, I keep on checking this site pretty often, but figured you guys would get tired on being asked how the project is going. Looking forward to the update.

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