A little update

Ok, just chiming in to tell everyone that we’re approaching to the end of the menu texts, as there are only three files for it remaining: the Current Objectives texts, the profile character texts from the Status screen, and the texts related to Dualithnode Crystals.

Aside of this, I also have a little new to announce: remember that I said that there were a few problems that would require ASM hacking to solve? Actually one of them got solved thanks to void and the research he recently did in the Extra menu entries. That is, now the tutorials that tell how to evolve Song Magic in battle, and how to trigger Synchronicity can now be triggered! Here’s a pic to demonstrate this:

The Lost Tutorials, now restored and visible to every player!

I’m not sure if we could classify this as a bug-fix or a restoration of dummied-out features (as they couldn’t be triggered in the JP version either), but I hope it also serves of help whenever you get to play through our version of the game~

10 thoughts on “A little update

  1. ION

    Woo! That’s awesome! Great to hear that all your hard work is paying off with breakthroughs like these.

  2. Ingram

    This is seriously awesome. Tremendous jobs, void, aquagon and all the staff members!

    Synchronicity is one of my favorites features, too. AT2 has amazing combat system that makes you really feel the bonding between the Vanguard and Reyvateils, and between the Reyvateils themselves, it’s awesome

  3. Fan

    Just found this project, loved this game, can’t believe I played a partial translations! keep up the good work!

  4. Kiem

    I have a question , is this only a retranslation project or will there be any adjustments to increase diffculty lvls by making enemies stronger.

  5. aquagon Post author

    It’s a retranslation project, so while we’re also fixing a couple of minor bugs that kept some tutorial entries and such from appearing, we won’t be meddling with the gameplay elements. Therefore, we won’t be increasing the game’s difficulty or anything, as that’s something that would far more extensive hacking, and a much longer playtest period.

  6. Greats

    I played though AT1 recently and really enjoyed it. However I was sad after hearing about the AT2 localization issues. It sounds like you guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work!

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